Mafia Queen Reborn

Hello Everyone... Welcome in this story

Now without wasting time let's start the story....

"Violet" It's only a name for us....but for the mafia world it's the biggest fear . Everyone in the Mafia world is scared of Violet.

But she got betrayed by her love and her younger sister. They both killed her brutally.
She died but before dying her last words was "I will take my revenge" .

And the god gave her second chance . She returned in time . The time was 5 years ago her death. She was just 18 years old now and this was the first time when she met Chris her love or we can say her killer .

She thanked God for giving her second chance and she took her revenge from her sister and her love.

She killed them but she was still not satisfied and then....

A ray of sun came in her life... In form of Valentine....

Valentine a secret agent who joined Violet's Mafia gang... And then they both fell for each other..

Valentine and Violet left the city and they went somewhere too far from their old world ..... Now Violet's has got the satisfaction she was searching for.....


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