me and my journal
This is a journal I wrote
I wonder if our loved one remain same in every lifetime only role changes and body decays and appears in another one.
I know this idea is fascinating and and to believe this idea we should believe in soulmates and I believe in soulmates. I believe that souls meet for a reason , appearance changes the connection remains same every instant connection we felt is because of our past relation. The warmth we feel from a stranger, the happiness and positivity you got after talking to random person, the feeling of knowing them from a long time after your first meeting, the cozy feeling you got so many person in front of them you can be your real self and be at ease .

Something that goes like
Innit you the one I think I saw before
Maybe not today or yesterday or in the life we lived before
Maybe we can add
In every journey , the walk side by side

Or something like
In each life's dance, familiar souls appears
In every lifetime their presence is clear

this is something I kept thinking about.
have a great day ahead by the way 🤗❤️✨
© pixie