perfect seduction
A young boy who is sixteen was a very handsome young man, All the girls Admired him and wished to be his girlfriend, He was the perfect boy every girl dreamed about, he was smart and athletic, He was on the boys football team and all the cheerleaders go crazy over him, He became very popular at school, Even the teachers Admired him, But their was one person who was obsessed with him and it was the janitor, She was an old woman, She would stalk him everyday and would learn his whereabouts, She came up with a plan to draw his attention, She started seeing him outside of school and would always go on dates with him, But she wanted more, So she seduced him, She was happy, Their relationship was moving very fast, But the school ends up finding about it when they were in the janitors closet, Everyone was disgusted by what they saw and couldn't believe that he'd do such a thing, The old woman was charged with sexual engagement and rape with a minor and the boy was expelled but neither them didn't care or had any regrets,
© lovely