The Night Of The Moon Elves. Chapter 6 Journey To Tar Kingdom.
Evelyn and King Alavorn got ready the next morning. King Alavorn put on his elvish armor and it was silver and blue. Evelyn had her fairy armor on and it was white and blue. The top had white with blue swirls on it along with the shoulders and it was tied up on the sides and the back. her bottom piece was the same color and she had black pants, her legs armor had white and blue swirls on them as well, and her boots were also white with blue swirls on them as well. Her arm armor was silver with blue swirls as well. Her crown was silver with a white gemstone in the center. her leg armor was also white with blue swirls on it. She also got her bow and arrows with her green quiver. She also got her sword in her black case along with her daggers. She wore her green cloak and she put her facial mask on. Then King Alavorn entered and when he saw Evelyn braiding her hair he then looked at her in shock and he was amazed by her armor. He then saw her face mask and he ask an important question about the face mask.

King Alavorn: " Why do you wear a facial mask?"

Evelyn: " Well the black orcs organizations used to fear many rangers because my family were rangers and moon fairies as well."

Then King Alavorn and Evelyn went to the stables and mounted their horses and they left Eglarest and they traveled to Tar Kingdom. The Moon elves and the Sun elves started to march toward the Tar kingdom. Then suddenly they were ambushed by an orcs with timber wolves.

King Alavorn: " ɩahn ɩambūh. ɩévér𝗎oné rlɩs ɩarrovs. ( An ambush. Everyone arrows up, release arrows.)

All the moon elves and sun elves shot their arrows and they took down the orcs and the timber wolves. The black orcs and all the elves fought until they fled. They all decided to camp near the cliffs and they set up the tents and told the soldiers to rest. Alavorn and Evelyn went inside their tent and Evelyn got ready in her white nightgown. King Alavorn then saw her scars and he was furious at the black orcs organizations. Evelyn Night was white and it had no sleeves and it had golden elvish designs. Then King Alavorn walked up behind Evelyn and he wrapped his arms around Evelyn.

Evelyn: " You startled me. You got that stare in your eyes."

King Alavorn: " You know how I am with you my little moonlight."

Then Evelyn tried to say something and she was cut off. King Alavorn kissed her passionately that night and he laid her down on the bed and he started to kiss her neck. Evelyn let out a soft moan and she put her hands on King Alavorn's back. Then King Alavorn laid down and he placed his hand on Evelyn's cheek. Then they both drifted off to sleep. Everyone got up and they were on the move and then a creature stung one of the sun elves. It was a giant scorpion. Evelyn and King Alavorn fought side-by-side and their army and the sun elves won the battle they continued their journey and then they got ambushed by vultures and they were using bows and arrows to shoot down the vultures. Then they bumped into a black and white tiger and they used their swords. Then they made it to the Tar kingdom. Everyone decided to rest before the big battle. Evelyn and Alavorn went to the castle and they both were shocked they had found two black dragons. They reasoned with them.

Evelyn: " Please we didn't come here to fight we came here to seek your help."

King Zagror: " You are stopping the black orcs organizations I presume?"

King Alavorn: " Yes, and Evelyn will be my queen after this war."

Queen Theris: " We will help you and we want to stop the black orcs organizations as well. Here follow me to your room."

Queen Theris had black scales, purple eyes, and black spikes and claws, and her wings were black and purple. King Zagror had black scales, purple eyes, black spikes, and claws, his wings were black and dark purple. Queen Theris then showed Evelyn and Alavorn their room and they both decided to get ready for bed and they both slipped into their sleep clothes. Evelyn wore a long light blue nightgown and it was long sleeves and it was off the shoulders. Before Evelyn could put on her dress. She felt a hand on her back and It was King Alavorn.

King Alavorn: " How in all the nights did you get this scar?!"

Evelyn: " I told you it happened a long time ago and it's nothing now and it doesn't hurt promise."

Then Evelyn put on her nightgown and Alavorn pulled her down by her wrist and took a looked at her scar. She then kissed her back and she let out a soft cute moan. King Alavorn then touched her scar and pulled her into a warm embrace. Then they both drifted off to sleep.

To be continued...

Will The moon elves and sun elves defeat the black orcs' organizations?
Find out in chapter 7.
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