Born To Rule Part 7
Flare: A PSYCHO POTION! What's that?
Rose : It's a potion, a kind of poison, u can say. If anyone takes a sip of it, they will turn into a psycho. It's one drop is enough to turn u into a devil.
Flora: O my my my, that's sound so much wild and DANGEROUS!!
Flare: O God!my ears, stop shouting like that Flora.
Valerie: But who has done such a disgusting work.

In the canteen, Elliot with his sisiter Curla and Valerie's brother Dylan. They are also present. They are in a tense face. Elliot with a tense face, asks Sage,
" are u all right? The warmth, that the voice bears that makes butterfly in her stomach, but Sage manages to control her emotions. With a cool voice and with a smile, she gives a vey short answer.
" Yeah, I am alright. Thank u for asking."

Elliot turns to Rose, asking, "Rose, as u r a witch, u have gain so many informations about this potion, so can u guess, who can do such a disgusting and terrible things?" Rose, about to tell something, when the school principal, Mr Bush arrives, and makes an announcement, " All the students should come to the Assembly Hall after their break , we will discuss about the horrible thing, that has happened, and find out the person,whoever has done it. Thank u. " and like this he steps out. After he leaves, Elliot again asks Rose, "Yeah, so, there is something that u want to inform... right?"
Sage : Umm.. sorry to interupt, but I think, we shouldn't discuss in here now, as Mr Bush has already makes an announcement.
Elliot : Oh, so straight huh? Ok well see u soon bye.
Elliot winks his eye making Sage blush and steps out with Dylan
Curla: OMG! Are u alright Sage?
Sage : U too Curla?
Curla:No.. I mean your cheeks are so red.
Valerie : Curla, I knowI shouldn't tell this for the situation is serious, but still, I can't hold it back. Umm,so I am telling your brother Elliot, ultimately makes her blush and it seems that Sage has fallen in love with him.. What do u think?
Curla: U know what?.... U r telling the truth.
Sage: Guys please.
Flora :Oh ho, blushy blushy Sage!
Flare : We have to find the person who have done this, we don't have time to waste guys.
Flora: Flare sisi we should find the witch, who has done this. Because this potion can only possess by a witch.
Rose: OMG, why I can't think about this before? the witch! In this school there was a witch who used to study in here, and she is MICHEAL!!

To Be Continued..

This anime is from " A beautiful Girl " illustrated by dendyh7.....Thank u

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