forever in thoughts 💭
Write a story based on the phrase "You will realize a person's worth when they are gone."
This is a childhood love story
there is a boy and a girl ,,who have feelings for each other
the girl loved him since 6th class but never dared to express him,,in 7th class the boy proposed her ,,,she knew that she loves him but still took time for accepting him ,,on a fine day she accepted him saying "u r meant to be my happiness and i want u to be with me till end",,he was filled in joy,,,but from the next day the girl starts encountering the other side of him ,,,but she never stopped loving him ,,,
with many misunderstandings but with lots of love and caring they continued their relationship to 3 years,,,there are many ups and down and there are some situations where the girl feels more distressed and want to get out of the relationship,,but God never planned that ,,,so she stick to him ,,the boy has a good character but he was afraid of everything ,he used to be good since starting of their relation,,,but later on he started chaging and the girl notices his changes but never said a word,,,she still loved him and he too loved her ,tehy both completed their schooling,,he done many mistakes but the girl still forgived him ,but still they loved each other and continued their love till they complete their 12th ,,, but once they got into a misunderstanding and they stopped being in contact for 2 months ,,then the girl chatted with him in an unknown number then she sees the real him ,,he chatted with the unknown girl like he was interested in her and he even said he brokeup with her love,,the girl cried loud when she sees his messages,,she felt like dying from inside ,she kept a message to him saying that she was the girl who he loved in his past,,and said to him never try to contact him,,,even the boy loves her truly but at that particular time he feels she is no more important in his life ,,,,but later on as time passes he started remembering their sweet memories,their sweet talks,,then he feels the care that she showed on him ,,he was touched ,,and he want that girl back ,,,he again started trying to contact her,,but she refuses everytime,,she got fed up with him ,,she cried everynight thinking about him,,,she can't forget him ,,for forgetting him she stared building feelings for other person ,unluckily the other person also intrested in her ,,,they both are in love but she never feels it was the love,,,having his new love beside she can't even forget her past love ,,she is still trying to forget him but she can't do that,,,she thought his past love forgetted her ,,but meanwhile she got to know that he still loves him ,,and he is waiting for her to comeback,,,but she know it was too late ,,she knew that she can't forget him and she also can't leave her new love,,,
the story ends here because still there is no ending
the truth is the boy still loves her,,now he knows the real worth of the girl but she is gone 💔

© Yunhe