Social media
Seeing a couple on television I completely forgot what I was doing.
Watching the show with my sister and talking about their performance suddenly it struck my mind that I had left the milk to be boiled on the stove.
The foam messed the stove and was spilling on the floor to increase my days work. Forgetting such things is a problem that most of us face.Nowadays we are so much influenced by the social media around us that we do not get time for social interaction with people around us.The television and mobile phones accompanies us every moment.We do not take interest in gossipping with others .I heard my grandmother saying that during their days more than television they spent time playing , shouting and running in the rice field .She loved playing hide-and-seek when the field was covered with greenary all around.'We enjoyed so much with friends ';she used to say but now look at you all, everytime infront of the television and mobile phones.'Oh, I am fed up shouting at you all '; she said and went outside.Reading her books wearing spectacles in her eyes she would stare at us .'Nobody can help them ';she murmured.

As I grew up I remember whatever she said.I recalled and understood now.When I was a child ,I disobeyed her but as I grew up and responsibilities were their on my head, I analysed she was absolutely right.When we are young with full of strength ,we are lazy but as we grow up we realise now it's too late and wish to work more . Then our strength is not enough to toil .Oh shoot am I not facing similar problem? Or may be little more to this! It is too late then.
All is not lost!
We still have time not to forget that social interaction is comparatively more important than social media.

© -Darshana Thapa