Sad girl😔
One day, I was sitting on my bed, I was very sad and felt lonely😔. Suddenly my phone 📳vibrate and I picked up it.
I got a message - Hii Jyoti,
I didn't know, Who he was?
but I replied- Hello👋
He- How are you?
I- Who are you? do u know me?
He- May be🙂
I - How?
He- May be from college!
(I wasn't thinking, I was just replying him) .
He told me about himself and i told him about myself.
After that we got to know each other, He really very nice buddy. ☺
Now, it was clear that we both don't know each other, but I was really enjoy him😊.
But now we have known 🙃.
And we talked like that to each other for a long time.
(He used writco app, he told me about this app.)
I download this but not used it.
And then he suddenly left me without telling me🥺.
And I was alone and sad too again 😟.
But I started using this app and began to read and write ✍️.
( I want to say Thank you❤ very much to him & May, He will live always happy 😊😊.