When Robert Colonel Walker walked into the Lab 100 meters under the Pentagon, he knew something was wrong. He didnt know what it was at first, but he sensed deep with in and it was something he didnt like and the moment he walked around the laboratory which was hidden from public scrutiny and curiosity which was a good thing and he didnt know why it was so quiet and where everyone had gone. He just didnt know and it scared him and he wondered why it had been deserted and where all staff members had gone to, and it just didnt make sense to him, but if it was the last thing he did, hed make sure what happened and why and hed do his best to get to the bottom of it and start an investigation.
"Anyone here?" he asked and walked around the huge laboratory and glancing up to the cealing, the bright lights suddenly flickered and he bumped into a steel table and as he turned he noticed that something not as it was supposed to be. He cleared his parched dry lips and straightened his short Speck glasses and brushed trembling hand through his hair and thought that he heard something, more like a scraping, tearing, brief sound in an instant in time and that was making him feel scared and that he wished he hadn't come in to work today but things happen and for Robert Colonel Walker he'd been here basically every day for almost 20 years and nothing like this ever happened.
In a heart beat, in instant in an unknown time, Robert knew that something was wrong and this was something greater than anything he thought possible that could happen and was possible.
He just stood there and stared at the scary human shape under the body bag and in this sudden instant and moment in time, Robert blinked his deep green and probing eyes; looking for answers and clues as to why the sudden silence and disappearance of all staff members. It just didnt make sense to him and he felt this sweat sticking to his body, the sudden coldness clinging to his skin and it made him feel uncertain with an inner fear and even dread he had not perhaps felt in a long time.
"You can stop this joke right now!" he shouted and dropped his torch and pulled out a small but light silver revolver. And glancing left and right eyes piercing the further far distant reaches of the darkened laboritiry. In this one moment and sudden movement, the lights flickered slower than usual heart pacing pace and he turned and stared again st the cold silver table that looked solid, cold and perfect but nothing was perfect in this world and especially in this laboratory 100 feet under the Pentagon.
"I dont like this," he said and muttered under his breath. "This just dont make any sense to me."
"No!" a deep voice blurted from somewhere up in the cealing.
"What?" Fear burned in his voice and eyes and wished he could get out of here.
But he knew he couldn't.
"You not going to get away with it that easily." Fear burned and trembled in his voice.
In that instant and moment and heart something like deep dark realization burned within his eyes and a thick emotion he never thought he even had it existed inside of him. But something was wrong and he knew this somehow, sensed this more than anything else, that something just didnt seem right and make sense and this scared the hell out of him and bothered him more than anything ekse: more than fear itself and this troubled him.
A brief silence. And a heart beat. He tried lifting his hand with the gun in his hand trembling, he tried to fire and shoot several rounds at the ceiling but in that riveting instant and uncertainty and harsh outbreak in time, Robert knew something was very wrong.
What looked like droplets of blood spilled from the white cealing and this was when Robert sbouted: "Who do you think you are?"
No answer.
Things screaming in the periphery of his mind.
Show yourself!"
Still no answer.
"You cant do this ... "
In an instant and heart beat, the hand that jerked and moved suddenly jerked and pulled the body bag off and when Robert realized the body that was supposed to be a corpse, that was supposed to be dead was suddenly very much alive and very much familiar and very scary and frightening and that was when he knew it was somehow his friend and working colleague Darrel Wentworth who was supposed to be alive ... he tried to come closer to his friend Darrel Wentwirth but suddenly he stopped and knew something was terribly wrong and he nearly dropped his revolver.
He was really scared and dripping with sweat. Licked his dry lips and suddenly with shaking hands and trembling gun"Dont know who the hell you are but you dont look like my friend. " He sighed suddenly and sadly and couldn't bring himself to say those words. He just couldn't and he didnt have the heart to. It numbed his mind and inner self to even ask his friend what had happened to him and why he wasn't doing what he was supposed to be doing and what happened to everyone else?
"I am Darrel Carlman," Darrel said sullenly and in thick voice that sounded alien and unfamiliar and his eyes no longer looked normal and something wrong with his body and eyes looked as if they had changed color and burning with inner fire.
"Who are you?" Darrel said.
"You don't know me?"
"That's what I said!" he said hissed and snarled like strange alie from another world and just for a moment he looked at the cealing then back again at Robert's face with cautious probing scared eyes.
"What has happened to you?"
"I dont know."
You are not the person I once knew. Something has happened to you."
Darrel shook his head and clenched his hands into tight fists. "I dont know who you are! I'd know if we were friends."
"We are friends," the thing that looked like his friend said but in this confusing moment, Robert sensed something very strange and even wrong.
"You are confused," Darrel Carlman said. He stiffened and tensed on the cold steel corpse bed. His eyes didnt look right or even normal at all. "Dont you remember when we first became friends and why?"
"No," Robert said. "I do not and dont think you can fool me. You cant fool me. You are dead and yet you are sitting up and trying to communicate with that thing in the ceiling. I think I will leave and never come back."
"Do what you want but uts at your own risk."
"Why? I dont have to listen to you," Robert snapped back at Darrel with cold harsh eyes and deep piercing voice.
There was a brief silence and momentary indecision but he had to get out of here, had to get to the surface and away from the Pentagon.
"As you wish."
"I dont have to answer you or to anyone," Robert snapped at him with mounting anger tightening skin and burning eyes glaring at his friend.
"I'm out of here."
Robert walks to the door and opens the two door frames, and in that instant in time, his whole body disappeared and his body falling down the shaft.
He closed his eyes ... when he opened them again he found himself on his bed at his home in his bedroom, and the moment he sat up, Darrel Carlmen came through the mattress and sheets, and everything around him dripping with blood.


Robert Colonel Walker
Darrel Carlmen