Those Lines...😌💕

Do you really love those lines?

when you are reading something...

those lines will just hit you differently
to your heart and soul!😌

you will just sit there for a minute
and realises those lines heartly,
which you have read...💕

you will just love it and
read over and over even though
the passage is completed...✨

even though you finished completely
you will come often, ⚡
and read those lines

Sometimes you just write those
lovable lines in your notes...
where you can see often
you will express your feelings
for those lines....
you will even tries to apply in your
life for a betterment.👌

If you did those things,
you really have loved those lines...

I did it with many lines
with my book....

I hope, you will like it guys!!!

#real #thoselines #booklove

© Ninin✨

Note to you ❤️ (guys if you hav come across any lines like that do comment or just create ur own and comment!✨😂)