Will and Hope.
Everything will work according to your will
What you cannot do today

Will be your tommorow's skill

At times we cannot do certain things because of body constrain and mainly due to mind play. That is the time when we might feel that we are uncapable of doing thing which inturn make us filled with all haphazard emotions such as - Anger, Depression, Frustration and so on

But in life certain things take - Time, Patience, Practice, Perseverance and most importantly your attitude towards your own self

I repeat yourself - Yes! Because if you give up on yourself, you automatically start giving up on tasks so far and your that give up attitude can change a win- win situation in to losing it

Remember to trust yourself
No matter what
How hard it gets
There is always a wave enough to break the rock my dear

As if hope is lost everything is lost
And if hope is there everything can be found.....

- Shruti Alok - OM TAT SAT....
© Shrutialok