Come fall in Love sorry Lust ( Part-5)

Have you ever lied anyone? I think you must have , I mean at least everyone must have once in their lifetime would have lied . . People say one shouldn't lie but what if that lie is for someone's good. Then I think it's never considered as a lie. Parents are incarnation of God and so we shouldn't lie to them because Sometimes our lie do boomarang on us and we badly fail in it.

After spelling her magic on my snake, Pragati ma'am sat near me and opening my shirt buttons she began to rub her fingers on my chest. She bent over me and kissed me on my lips and took command on them. I can feel her sucking my lips into her mouth and her nails digging into my skins. I didn't know why she was kissing me but I can feel it's impact on my snake so I didn't ask anything to her thinking that it may be a trick to sensitise the snake before it intrude the enemies fort. After a while she left my lips and taking my hands in her She made me sit on my knees on the floor while she sat infront of me and there she flung open her legs and said " Did you see the forest between my leg junction?"

I peeped into her shirt till her partition and said " Which forest ma'am? There is only darkness and I see few curly...." before I could finish my sentence ma'am pushed my head pushed straight between her legs while her legs rest on my shoulder pressing me hard. Like a guy who doesn't know how to swim I felt my face drowning within her forest when she said," Can you feel a soft gateway within that forest ".

My face was stuck within hardly any space to speak out a word so I just nodded my head as a sign of yes, I got it and she continued," Now use your tongue to open the door. The more you will try the magic of your tongue on it,greater the door will open for your snake to enter the castle. "

" But ma'am ...."

" Stop asking questions Rohit and do as I said"

Now it reminded me of the scene from the story " Ali baba and the forty thieves". Where Ali baba had to enchant the word "khul ja sim sim" to open the charismatic door to get into the cave of treasures. The only difference here is I have to use my tongue to please the guardian of the door. Finding no other way I did as she was directing me throughout the process, sometimes my tongue made upward and downward motions while sometimes trying to enter her barrier getting different taste of the door. I initially I hesitated but the passion to help ma'am made me do that and believe me I began to like it. It's taste and the smell just filled my breathe. I can feel the door opening slowly with every stroke of my tongue on her soft flappy lips.

After sometimes her fingers started playing with my hair and she told me to unbutton her shirts. I took my tongue out from the so called forest door to look at her shirt button while she said,"
" You fool, keep pampering the door otherwise it won't open and while doing that try to open my shirt buttons" she again pushed my head into her wet forest while my tongue again got back to its action,my two hands got busy opening her shirts button and I wondered how difficult blind people will be finding in getting their job done.

She was rubbing her legs on my shoulder while I can feel her rigid door trying to give up gradually. I was finding it difficult to unbutton but finally could do it when she took my hands and placed it on two cups of soft balls. Those were as soft as jelly to feel when she said," squeeze them baby, you need to do it to defeat your enemies."

" But what are those and why I need to do it? " I asked her without lifting my face out of the fear of being getting scolded again.

" Those are the heartbeats of those enemies, the key to the door hides within these,the more you press here and lick there,the door slowly slowly will keep opening for your snake."

I was enjoying the whole process because of two reason scientifically it produced some kind of happy hormones that gave a great feeling and energy to my body and ethically the satisfaction to help my teacher to get her out of her problem.

I was sweating like anything while some kind of fluid did smeared on my face,no doubt it tasted good but I was getting suffocated when ma'am said " Baby get on to me now between my legs," and as I began to mount her she hold my snake and tried to push it through her magic door.

" Try to push your snake slowly inside the door, push it inward a bit and take it out and again push it inward . continue to do that baby"

" But why ma'am ? Why not once for all let my snake enter ?"

" There is a protective sheild between your snake and the enemies. Your snake need to perforate it and spit venom on the enemies. The only way to get venom at the mouth of the snake and to invade the shield is to make repeated to and fro motion."

Hardly snake had made two to three such attempts to invade when we heard the horn of dad's car. Before I can say anything,she pushed me away and said ," Dress up and get to your room quickly"

" Shall I will come to your room in the mid night "

" No you aren't coming to my room in the night. Not only today but never come to my room in the midnight. I want sleep and no disturbances during that time."

Saying this she ran towards her room while I stood there watching her naked body from behind with delight.

I looked at the clock it's already 10:30,OMG we were almost doing it for two and half hours and didn't even realise it. The joy and the flavour of ma'am's body vanished while fear of dad's reaction engulfed my mind. Wearing my clothes I ran into my room and closing the door I got into my blanket.

I could hear the main door opening and my mom shouting ," Pragati ,Pragati " .
Yes,my ma'am. Her name is Miss Pragati Saxena,from her name itself you can figure out how much progress she had made in my life and how much progress I had achieved under her. Her surname " SAXENA" sounds like she got sex armies with her just like it sounds in Hindi " Sex ki Sena ". Undoubtedly the galaxies of sex tricks that she knows is beyond ones thought. She has mastered in every sphere of life. Who told beautiful girls don't have mind ? Pragati ma'am got beauty, brain and bed tricks too

Mom never shouts that loud and that too while entering the house. Surely dad must have told her everything about the morning incident for which she is angrily shouting and looking out for her.The sound began to get closer and closer to my room as mom was coming towards ma'am's room. I heard the knock on her door and I silently sneaked out of my bed and opening the door a bit just peeped outside. After a while ma'am opened the door and seeing my mom she said," Sorry ma'am I was in the washroom."

Mom entered her room but I had no guts to walk out of my room and hear what they were talking about. After a while I heard mom saying to ma'am, "Quickly pack your begs, my husband will drop you at the station." and I can hear someone's cry coming out of ma'am's room. Who else can it be other than my ma'am herself.

My legs began to tremble out of fear,I ran and got into my blankets . I knew how to emotionally fool my mom. As soon as She entered my room with a bang on the door, I began to roll on bed crying out of pain holding my stomach. Mom will be Mom. They can't see their children in pain. Even if they are angry still when they see their children sufferings,they give up everything for her child's wellbeing. Seeing me groaning in pain mom asked," What happened to you ? Why are you crying ?"

" Mom I am having severe stomachache. You know I even vomited twice in the day."

" Oh my baby, wait I'll get some medicines for you. First let me help Pragati to pack her bags ."

" Why mom? Is she leaving our house and going away ? Did dad tell you something ?"

" Yes beta, but how did you know that Dad told me about Pragati dad's illness. Her mother had called your dad and informed about the issue just as we were about to enter the house. She has to go immediately,your dad will drop her at the station. I came to call you for dinner, I had got your favourite tandoori chicken but now you are not well, let me pack it for Pragati so that she can have her dinner on her way home."

" Mom,I am perfectly fine now, I can eat those. My stomach isn't paining anymore."

" But you vomited twice na?"

" That was in the afternoon "

" Still no chicken. I know it's your trick to eat chicken but I won't let you eat otherwise tomorrow again you will come up with stomachache. Wait I'll make Dalia for your dinner and drink ORS before you sleep."

" But mom, today is Christmas and you know chicken tandoori is my favourite."

" No I won't listen anything. If you want you can come out to bid her bye."

I had dig the ditch for myself. Hadn't I lied about the stomachache I would have got chicken legs to eat which mom wrapped it properly in an aluminium foil infront of helpless me and packed it for ma'am's dinner. But one thing is for sure I had enjoyed my ma'am's delicious legs and that juicy sause that exuded from her as my Christmas treat although I couldn't have my favourite chicken leg piece.