Temporary Matter
Once upon a time, there was a couple named Shoba and Shukumar. They had been married for five years, but their relationship had been strained since the stillbirth of their first child. They had grown apart, living in the same house but leading separate lives.

One day, they received a notice from their landlord about a temporary power outage for five evenings in a row. During this time, they decided to use candles to light up their house and spend time together. They played games, cooked meals together, and reminisced about their past.

On the fourth night, Shukumar suggested they play a game they used to play when they were first married. They would take turns telling each other a secret, something they had never shared before. Shoba went first, telling Shukumar about a time when she had shoplifted a piece of jewelry when she was a teenager. Shukumar then revealed that he had cheated on a college exam once.

As they continued to share their secrets, they began to feel closer to each other than they had in years. They talked and laughed until the candles burned down low. They both realized that they had been avoiding each other, but this temporary matter, this power outage, had brought them together once again.

The next day, the power came back on, and Shukumar and Shoba went back to their separate routines. But they both knew that something had shifted between them. They had shared something personal and intimate, and it had brought them closer. They continued to talk and spend time together, and eventually, they were able to rekindle their love and move forward together.
© Simrans