Are we common.?
They would try to hide it, but those who study to uncover and to illustrate a reality that specifically has been tried so hard to push down with their own cooked up reality, and that's what. Education granted you or not only education, but as I said. The proper way that how you study and concentrate on learning because being educated is not only, I have memorised something to collect the marks and this is the line of thinking that is so insufficient. By that you may get the certificate, but if you are going to be mixed or going to get engaged in the plot of those who have had nothing, absolutely nothing with the country. In the name of Nationalism, they make you stand up as the flag bearer; education shouldn't only be taken or pursued to search for the higher scope, because. Once you get dedicated to understand the facts and you build up a mindset along with it. It's the mindset to uncover what didn't look like as it should be. It's because of maybe, yes. People are educated, but there is an internal lack. So honour education by developing the ability to learn, instead of wasting your time in those powerful people, who actually consumed your energy and use it back on you. Proper education and Character development could allow a common man to cherish their role in the society.