A snail at the beach
Once there was A snail named Sammie . Sammie is A slow traveler . Sammie likes to Travel to the beach . It takes Sammie 2 days to crawl to the beach from his home . Sammie lives under A rock on the westside of town. Sammie goes to beach to meet his snail friends Billy and Bob . Sammie likes to build sandcastles and wade in the water with Billy and Bob . Sammie enjoys grilling small bugs at the beach with his friends . Sammies enjoys drinking salt water in shells . Sammie and his friends also like playing frisbee. Sammie is really good at frisbee . Sammie and his friends also like build a fire and make smores . Sammie and his friends go tubing sometimes . Sammie also likes to ccollect colorful shells. Sammie sells his colorful shells at open air markets . Sammie always has fun at the beach with Billy and Bob . Sammie also likes to sit back at the end of the night to gaze at the stars.© jes
© jes