Being Thankful 😇

Imagine, your friend is running late to their works, you saw them and help them at a correct time, when they leave off they says to you,

" Thanks a lot, I've been running late to my work, you came at a right time and saved me, thanks a lot for your help friend, I'll keep in mind, thank you my friend..."

How will you feel? you will feel happy right?
Even though you don't expect to
say in words, your mind will expect
to get a credits for the work you have done and that's nature...
nothing found to be wrong.

What if your friend doesn't even thank for your help you have done?
you will think that, "I've helped them, but they doesn't even thank me"
your mind will say right?

Yeah, even I will think that...

So, One of most important thing
to build good understanding and great relationships,
"be Thankful" for the right help that someone done to you...
you should never forgot that...

Even they say "don't thank me it's just a thing..."
but remember their mouth speaks that but their mind doesn't matches those words with...

So be Thankful it's a just a quick credit given to someone, which will make you thankful and others happy

people who are "Being Thankful" doesn't feel bad, Because they have helping hands everywhere they go,
due to their high quality...

Now, come to an most important case:

Do you have food to eat tomorrow?
Do you have good dress to wear?
Do you have a good life which satisfied yourself?

Yes, those who read will have...

Are you thankful to your parents?

Thankful to our parents is not need but essential....
To be thankful to our parents, words means a lot,
but also just help them in their daily lives which is very important to makeup them...
They will really feel happy and satisfied with you...

Nothing is more needed than,
our parents being happy because of us... right?

Mainly your parents, your friends, your surrounding your everything is given by God...

Be Thankful to God, just say thanks before you go to bed,
thank him everyday...
Nature and Animals are the reincarnation of God don't hurt them.... be helpful to them
they will feel happy and definitely god will help you and always with you...

So, friends 🤩 being Thankful is something kind of bliss and happiness
keep this as your trait ....
everyone will like you,
Mainly you too will like yourself....😍









I hope this info was useful....😃
bye friends 🤩

© Niyana_cage ❄️