Jai Bajrangbali
For if we let god be in then only will we know
How immense our power is.....


I would like to tell the story of lord Hanuman. Lord hanuman was born with immense power and he was known as pawan putra . He had the power of air. But one day in his childhood because of power in play he disturbed meditation of yogi by taking his yogic space on hand, so the rishi got angry and cursed hanumanji that he will forget all the powers that he has.

Because of this hanumanji forgot his power. One day when lord rama set to find goddess sita mata, everyone needed hanumanji help to cross the river. But due to curse hanumanji didn't know about the power he has. So jamvantji reminded him - who he is and what is with in him. The lord you are looking at is you and the lord that is watching you is also you.

But as we attach our mind thinking of ourselves as body half of our journey fails in egoism and sufferings rather then knowing our own pottential and power.

Jai shree ram - words of hanumanji and then he crossed the river
Just like this we too have god within us. Once we remember our true nature. We all can do anything and everything.

Let us all cross the river of maya and ignorance and know our true self and take name of jai shree ram just like hanumanji.

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- Shruti Alok - Om tat sat -
© Shrutialok