Siren Love Story. Chapter 6 The War on Aquarius.
Layla and Prince Coromisia woke up and they both got ready. Layla brushed her long black hair and put the same white flower in her hair and she put her ruby jewelry set on and her ruby seashells. Prince Coromisia and Layla held hands and they both swam to the throne room and they saw Prince Coromisia's parents. Prince Coromisia and Layla saw one of the leaders of the great clans. This male siren's name was King Rheriope. He had a black tail, black hair, sharp teeth, and claws, he also had webbing between his fingers and he had on a black crown it was black opal and his triton was black. He hated the fact that his nephew mated with a human woman and he came at Layla at top speed Prince Coromisia pushed Layla out of the way and took the triton to his stomach Layla pulled the triton out and put magical seaweed around the wound. The royal doctor came and King Drake declared war on his brother and his sister-in-law. Layla stayed behind and she helps Prince Coromisia and she hoped that he would wake up soon.

Layla: " Please wake up Coromisia, Please I love you, I love you so much. (* sobbing and bursting into tears*)

Layla then lie down beside Prince Coromisia and she kept him company. Meanwhile, back in the throne room King Drake and Queen Aqua planned their attack they got into their golden armor and went to the war that lasted over two thousand years.

King Drake: " I can't acknowledge what my brother did to my son and he went after my son's mate. I will have my revenge for my son."

Queen Aqua: " Honey I know how you feel but vengeance won't bring peace and I know you want to go to war. I'm going with you and Layla is willing to stay behind to keep our son company."

King Drake and Queen Aqua got ready in their armor and they went to war. Layla was still at her mate's side. She burst into tears and then Prince Coromisia woke up and he placed his hand on Layla's cheek. Layla then gave him the biggest hug and she cried hysterically.

Layla: " Don't you ever do that again I've could have taken that hit no problem. You can't do that again okay."

Prince Coromisia: " Hey I'm the one who's protecting you and I will always love you no matter what okay?"

Layla: "You are so stubborn sometimes and I love you too. Your such an idiot."

Prince Coromisia: " Okay I promise. I love you my precious ruby."

Layla and Prince Coromisia embraced each other and they were happy. Then King Drake and Queen Aqua returned from the war and they saw that their son and their daughter-in-law were hugging each other. King Drake and Queen Aqua burst into tears and they hugged their son and their daughter-in-law. Everyone went to their chambers and they went to get some rest.

Prince Coromisia: " I love you, Layla. You are so stubborn sometimes."

Layla let out a soft giggle and hugged Prince Coromisia they both went to bed for the night and they both wrapped their arms around each other.

To be continued...
Will Layla and Prince Coromisia have their wedding and coronation or will more threats come?
Find out in chapter 7.
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