Its Existence is not true! { Chapter 1}
Chapter 1: The Beginning

My Parents and I moved to a foreign country. It was very hard to learn to speak a different language, but after some time, everything
became normal. Our summer holidays had started. It was a hot
afternoon, me and my friends were playing chess. There was a
competition between Fred and me. Will, George and Steve were
watching. Fred used his knight, and I used my Bishop, and it was
CHECKMATE!!! Fred’s reaction was as if he saw a ghost. Well,
everything is fair in love and war.
Suddenly, someone screamed. We Rushed. The sound came from
my Neighbor’s house. It was Chris. Chris is a 5-year-old boy and an
orphan. We rushed towards Chris.
- I asked, “Chris, is everything alright?”
He didn’t say anything. He took us towards his bathroom. When we
reached, we saw that Chris’s pet dog, Goldy, was hanging from a
rod. Its head was lying on the floor, and its blood was dripping.
Without saying anything, George called the police. The police came
and sealed the house. Some years ago, Chris lost his parents in a
car accident. They died but Chris was admitted in the hospital as
his condition was critical. He survived. From then on, my parents
and Neighbors helped him. We bought a pet dog for him, and he
lived happily with Goldy. But now, Goldy is dead. He was so sad. To
distract him from the situation, we brought Chris into my house. My parents were on a tour abroad due to some family issues. It was
expected that they would come after 1 month.
- “What should we do now?” asked Fred.
- “We can’t do anything until the police do their work,” Will said.
Everyone was clueless, but I had a doubt. If it’s a murder, then a
single person can’t do this; otherwise, the dog would have
started barking.
- Steve said, “We can’t stay silent. Our primary task is to protect
Chris’s eyes were full of sadness. We decided to investigate the
situation. It was becoming harder and harder to think further to
make Chris happy. We cracked jokes, and he laughed. But Chris
became tired and after some time he slept. After that we all thought
about the incident. We got the answer. MURDER! I took Will with
me. As per Goldy’s situation, its neck and remaining body was
scattered. I and Will followed the Postmortem report. As per the
report, the dog
fell from 50-58 meters high, and its neck broke because it fell on a
hard surface. I and Will went to find a building which would be
exactly 50-58 meters high. At last, we found it. I rang the top floor’s
bell. A lady opened the door.
- She asked, “Yes? How can I help you?”
- I replied, “Ma’am, I am a new resident living on the first floor.
But I lost my keys, so I want to make a call.”
I told a lie to the lady and buzzed in. We searched everywhere in
hope any evidence would get but when I looked down from thebalcony, I saw a piece of block. Maybe when Goldy fell from the
balcony the neck must have hit the block and the neck broke down.
It is a murder, but the culprits made it an accident.
- Will asked, “Now, we know that it is a murder but how will we find
the murderer?”
- “I don’t know but we will find out soon,” I replied.
- The lady came and asked, “Have you talked with your parents?”
- I replied, “No, I found my key. It is in my pocket. Well, thank you
for letting us in.”
The lady was in shock, but we ignored her and left. We felt little
embarrassed but the situation was different at that time. We came
back and told others that somebody killed Goldy. It was murder. But
now one question arises, who killed Goldy?
Will suggested, “Let’s check the C.C.T.V camera. We might get
some clue.”
But we were not sure if we would get permission or not. There was
only one way and that was to get inspiration from ‘Spy’ movies. We
know that the situation was serious but watching ‘Spy’ movies was
the only way to get some inspiration. So, the whole night, we all
watched movies in my house. After watching the movie, we came to
understand the situation.
Means, someone killed Goldy by force. It is possible that somebody
may have given him orders to kill Goldy. But why someone would try
to kill an innocent dog? Isn’t it shocking? We didn’t do anything
further for 4 days. Because the police said to do so. Days passed but police didn’t find anything. Finally, the police gave up. There was
no other way. So, we decided to quit. Chris was disappointed but
there was no other choice. We are just teenagers. Chris was not
talking with us. He was broken from inside. We tried to convince him
but he didn’t listen. He was angry with us.
That night, he didn’t sleep with us. He slept at his house though his
house was sealed by the police. The night passed and the new day
came but, it was the worst day. Chris was killed. While we were
going to Chris’s house everything was silent. A foul smell was
coming from his bathroom.
We found that Chris was lying in the bathtub. His legs were lying
on the other side of the bathroom. His left arm was stuck in the
window of the bathroom. And his face was destroyed
completely. A big rock was lying on the floor. Someone must have
hit him hard with that rock in his face. There was a mirror in the
bathroom. Someone wrote on the mirror with blood,

You can't catch me!



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