Shadow ❗
We know life it just a moment, no one can stay in your life as well as your parents, trust me! Nobody will saty in your, I will think my shadow will always with me but when I was gonna a peaceful place the sunset get end . Then I will saw a man will sit at a river
and see the sky become so beautiful but he is alone and think nobody can here.
I will go and ask what will do that? He says nothing about it, but he say alone,alone , alone and alone! I will talk to your Shadow will be your own but he either say ' Ye dekho ye bhi ja Rahi he iss gane andhare me ' when I will realise nobody would be your own. Then I will got his hand and stand up he says where are you gone brother, as well as your home . he says me no this place will give me a peace at all. Alone!
© Sandeep Panwar