the lion blood princess part 2
he said standing up and dusting off his clothes, I smiled lightly. "I wouldn't really call this sparring skill" I answered as I wiped sweat from my forehead. "well I must be going" the man bowed and turned to leave, "wait" I cried out. the man turned around "what's your name?" I asked,he smiled " I'm Dane your uncle asked me to come test you today princess and would say you pass, I must be going but I hope to see you again soon my lady " I blushed and looked down "of course" I replied.
I watched as the sun started descending, my stomach growled in hunger and I knew that it had to be dinner so I made my way back to my quarters, I entered the room and was surprised to see my maids cleaning the bed and laying out different pieces of jewelry and gowns, I smiled "come here miss Elowen" my maid said waving me towards her, I approached her, she picked up a blue silk dress "your majesty please take a look at this" she said handing me the dress. I smiled brightly I love dresses like this, they are quite beautiful to wear. blue was mother's color and it would be an hour to wear it at the ball I thought. I thanked the maids and went over to inspect the dress, it was simple yet elegant and beautiful at the same time. It was a sleeveless gown in the style of my mother's kingdom, its sleeves were adorned with diamonds and a few pearl necklaces. it was perfect but what else could I expect my grandmother had most likely pick out all the gowns herself she loves to dress me up ,she always as that I look just like my mother, I have her golden wheat blonde hair and oak leaf green eyes her slender frame and Sun freckled skin. I was glad I was blessed with such features although I'm sure people wouldn't ever believe it, my father's ancestors have been cursed by the gods of course everyone thinks I look like my mother so I am always surrounded by people who would whisper 'her' when they see me and say 'that one.'
My maid called me back to the bedroom, I put on the dress and admired myself in the mirror, I looked stunning, I smiled at myself and put the dress in my wardrobe and headed downstairs to eat dinner.
The next day I was awoken by the sound of the doors opening, I sat up and rubbed my eyes, I looked around the room trying to find the source of the noise. I saw grandmother standing with maids and makeup artist to prepare me for the ball I sighed and pulled my covers back over my head "nooo grandmother it's too early" I complained loudly. grandmother scoffed at me and ripped the covers back, I Yelp as I felt cold air touch my skin I groan, accustomed to being warm from all my layers and blankets. "my little princess you will be spending the day preparing yourself for tonight and that's final" she said sternly, I sat up groaning loudly. "oh come now dear don't be like that," grandmother said smiling kindly at me I shook my head at my grandmother. "I'm not a child anymore I can get ready by myself" I told her then she laughed her smile crinkling her eyes which made me smile and laugh also, "fine you got me I'm up I'm up bring on the torture" I laughed. Grandmother walked over to me, she lifted my head and leaned down kissing me on the forehead "go and bathe quickly" she said walking out the door. I rolled my eyes, grandmother really wanted me to look good before the ball. I sat up and pulled the sheets away from my body, I slid out of the bed grabbing my robe as I did. I padded to the bathroom and turned the water on letting it run for a minute. I stepped under the cool stream of water feeling relaxed and revitalized. I washed my face and brushed my teeth before slipping into the large warm bath tub. I sat in the tub soaking for a bit when I heard footsteps, figuring that out was one of the maids tell me it was time to get out I just sat there and placed a wash cloth over my eyes. that's when I heard the caw of a crow loudly next to me i gasped and jumped back in the tub now against the back wall of the tub ,I saw it standing there dark as night with glassy white eyes my heart pounding. " I remember you bird" I said trying to sound brave, then it spoke in a deep throaty voice " Blood must be paid for the lies told by the evil" then the world became warped around me and I fainted.
I opened my eyes and saw that I was lying on someone's lap. "I'm sorry, I don't move your grace", I recognized his voice immediately, "Dane." I weakly muttered as I tried lifting my arms. I tried moving my head and realized I was just In a towel. " don't worry princess a maid found you and covered you I'm only keeping an eye on you so we know your okay, I saw nothing" he said as I red hue bloomed acrossed his face " are you alright?" he continued nervously. I tried to sit up but couldn't I just felt so weak "I feel like my stomach is about to come up". I said as my hands went up to my mouth "don't move your head" He warned softly and helped me sit upright, I leaned my head against his shoulder and slowly felt better. I looked up into his soft brown eyes "thank you" I whispered "it's fine your majesty I would do anything to keep you safe. " I could hear something rustle behind us "get her something" I heard a voice yell "yes your majesty!" another voice answered.
"let's get you dry shall we?" Dane whispered helping me stand up, I stumbled my legs wobbling under me, I held onto Dane to steady myself. I was suddenly pulled to his chest "are you ok?" " yes yes" I replied as I took slow steps towards the large walkway in front of us, that's when I heard my grandmothers voice and she came rushing in, I stepped away from Dane to not worry grandmother anymore then she already was. " oh my dear what happened??" she asked with concern in her tone " I'm okay I think I just fainted from the heat is all" I lied " thank goodness Dane was here tho" I said and grandmother nodded " yes thank you so much lord Dane I must find a way to repay you for saving our elowen" I gasped and looked at Dane " your a prince??!!" " ugh yes " he said now looking very shy " I will now take my leave your graces I will see you tonight"

chapter 8

"Captain our informate says he has found a tunnel behind the balcony wall" Marco tells me holding a piece of paper in his hands. I furrowed my eyebrows "how is that possible?" I ask him. Marco shrugs and places it on a table in front of us, "it's a tunnel leading to another part of the castle" "but how is that possible?" I asked once more. " we'll have to go investigate, if there is indeed a tunnel we will need a lot more men than just the few that are left we have on the ship" Marco explained as he stands up and heads out the door Marco walks out and closes the door behind him I sigh and turn back to the map in front of me "we need more crewmen"I mumble and grab a marker, I write the number three on the side of the paper and then draw lines connecting the numbers. "I think that should be enough" I say placing the board down. looks like we're gonna have to go recruit some sailors.

chapter 9

Elowens POV
we walked slowly back to my room grandmother fussing over me the whole way, " maybe you need food I'll have the maids send something up right away" by the time we got there my dress was laid out and so we're the matching perls, I sighed and changed into my dress "well done little dove you look wonderful " grandmother cooed patting me on my cheek "Thank you grandmother" I say blushing, I look down at the floor embarrassed. she stayed and made sure I ate and had them braid my hair into a loose low bun, the front had small whispy hairs that framed my heart shaped face, it looks amazing I don't think look like myself at all honestly, I went and stood in front of my full length mirror the dress was beautiful it was sleeveless and without straps the front embroidered with pearls around the top, blue lace trailed down each side and met at the waist with a full blue sait skirt with a long train in the back it was beautiful beyond compare. "this is the most beautiful dress I've ever seen" grandmother exclaimed happily clapping her hands, "what do you think darling?" she asks turning to look at me. I squealed and hugged tightly "of course darling this is gorgeous" she says stroking my cheeks fondly. I looked down at myself again and smiled at myself. I looked like a goddess and I felt like it.
chapter 10
"come along darling we must go or you won't arrive on time for tonight " grandmother said as she pulled me out of my room, I followed after her and watched in admiration as she walked down the corridors her white flowing silk gown making an elegant swish every time she moved her body. I never noticed how beautiful my grandmother was I guess my mother got it somewhere. she always was such an enchantress. we reached the door to my grand staircase and she pushed open the big oak doors, inside were a crowd of people waiting their to enter the ballroom. I looked around the room to see if I recognised anyone, there were people dressed in suits and gowns chatting, and eating the buffet tables. grandmother told them to announce my arrival "AND NOW INTRODUCING THE CROWN PRINCESS OF SHIELD MARROW KINGDOM, ELOWEN GALASMIRE !!!!" the whole of the room turned towards the grand staircase and applause erupted around the room.
I began my descent taking my time, I didn't want to make a scene in front of everyone. Once I reached the end of the stairs I looked up and smiled at grandmother waiting for grandfather to come and take her arm. I felt someone tap my shoulder and turned around looking at who it was, "I am glad you came" I said and he bowed his head politely "you are more radiant than any fae I ever seen princess " he said as he stood straight and looked up at me "thank you my lord I am grateful for your kind words". I responded.
He gave me his hand and helped me descend the last few stairs, once I reached the bottom step he released my hand and walked ahead of me to greet the royal court who were all waiting for us "good evening Your majesty" he curtsied to grandma in greeting "Good evening Prince Dane, please join us" grandfather said offering him a glass of gemheld wine. they both walked over to where Grandmother and I had moved too, as soon as they joined I felt something tugging on my dress, it was a tiny hand pulling me away from my grandmother.
I glanced over to see a young girl wearing a green dress, I looked to the girl' "hello sweetie what do you need" I asked her as I bent down to her level, the girl stared up at me with wide innocent hazel eyes,she had long curly blonde locks that fell down to her shoulders; the girl looked about four years old. " I can't find my mummy, please help mamma" The child whispered in a cute voice, my eyes widened at her words "oh no, I'm sorry little one did you lose her? " I said trying to comfort her but she just shook her head.
She looked up at me with those hazel eyes and smiled shyly " I don't know where she is, her name is Nina" She explained in a small voice " well why don't we try and go look for her sweetie?"