I rise

I read the Arabic. I read the English. The meanings enter my fahm, my understanding. I ponder upon them.

I am reminded of the trivialities of this worldy life, that the hereafter is the final abode, that my efforts here should be an investment into my true future.

My perspective recalibrates, as I am reminded that the struggles I face are opportunities to strive, and that through sabr, patience, and shukr, gratitude, I can earn the qurb, the closeness to Allaah, God Almighty.

Alternatively, I can continue to wallow in a woe-is-me state of anxiety, languishing in heedless hedonism, corrupting mind, body and soul, wasting away into the nothingness of negativity.

But the Fajr and the Koran repeatedly reminds there is a better way to be, the positively reinforcing power of Taqwa, God-consiousness, and so I must choose to be intentional in my approach to life, moment to moment, day to day.

Imagine that! If I stop doomscrolling and actually make an effort to consume positive content, say a passage of the Koran, or lecture by Shaikh Abdal Hakim Murad, and reflect upon it, and then try to implement it, my entire outlook shifts, and instead of spiraling down negatively into hopelessness, I can spiral up positively into hopefulness, feel confident in approaching my daily tasks, and end the day with a sense of accomplishment once I complete them. How awesome is that?!

Same old circumstances. Different mindset. Exam is still here, haha, don't get it twisted, but it doesn't need to be a harbinger of doom, it can just be another exam, another opportunity to go forth, make my best effort, trust in Allaah, and seek my fortune.

Alhamdolillaah, all is praise is due to Allaah, for the gift of Islaam, alhamdolillaah for everything.

T minus about 120 hours or so.
Make it like Eid-ul-Fitr, bismillaah!

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