It is always them big town folks who want to abandon their luxuries and who often talk about settling down in a village , sheltering under a barrel roof tiled house , farming paddy. With all honesty , the folks would survive 2 days and 16 hours without their high speed wifi , home deliveries and 24 hours of electricity.
We love to talk. Oh do we love to talk.! Eager to let them know how down to earth of a person you really are whilst underneath all that "simplicity" lies a soul who won't survive without their iphones.

I'm not saying technology is the root of human complications , but merely pointing out the human quality to portray something that we are clearly not just to get showered with compliments.

Am I guilty of this.? Oh yes for sure I am. Am I a regular human.? Oh yes I am.
Can I change , or should I change myself , probably not.

So here it is. The thought that ran throughout my head today.
© Samar_.