Come fall in love sorry Lust ( Part-2)

Did your teacher ever give you a kiss ? Did they hug you if you understood their explanations? I don't think so or someone's teacher may be. This one was my first tution so I didn't have any knowledge how teachers behave with students at home except what I have experienced in school. Go out of the class, stand on your bench, kneel down holding your ears or good thrashing on palm were what teachers used to gift in the classroom.

She wasn't just a beautiful girl but she got incredibly sharp brain what we call beauty with brains. She had a unique way of teaching. The more you get to know someone the greater you get closer to them is what got applied here Since no one used to be at home she used to teach me in the living area during the afternoon time with both of us sitting on the sofa side by side with some gap between us but in the evening while my mom and dad were there she taught me in my room with both of us sitting on either side of a table on our respective chairs. With time the gap began to lose its existence and she sat right besides me making my shoulder feel her softest part of the body . She did make every possible way to make me understand things by demonstration or pratical means like friction ,law of conservation of energy, she would rub her hands on my thighs and say look you felt the heat on your body because of my rubbing and that heat is produced due to friction. She would hug me tight and say see my body heat got transferred to your cold body isn't it ,this is what called conduction.

She was not only good in studies but also in cooking. Once I was feeling hungry and finding nothing in the kitchen thought of making flattened rice ( Poha ). So I was cutting carrots and cauliflower when suddenly I felt two hands caressing through my elbow downward till her fingers met my fingers and when I turned back ,it's my ma'am who gave me a smile and said " I shall teach you how to make hot delicious poha "

I was happy to know that I would learn to make poha today. Holding my fingers she cuffed those vegetables and I could feel my back dominated by her soft buttery body. She would whisper in my ears ," you need to enjoy cutting the carrot,the more time you will take to make slice ,the greater pleasure you will derive." I wasn't understanding what she meant by those lines but I was feeling great with her touch on my body. The way her parts rubbed on mine,those sweet shrill voice flowing through my ears didn't let me sleep the whole night.

She knew the tactics of making her student understand the subjects in a better way. I did liked her way of teaching and that got reflected in my report card . My marks just began to rise like the way mercury column rises in the thermometer when placed in a hot tea cup.My parents were too pleased with her dedication and determination towards my studies. Within few months she became a member of our family and she won the trust of everyone in our home.

One evening when she didn't turn up to my room to teach me I entered into her room , now I never knocked at her door anymore because she had given me the liberty to come into her room anytime. But what I see. She is holding something in her hand that got blood stain on it .

" OMG ,ma'am you are bleeding. How did you hurt yourself ? Wait let me get you some help " saying this as I was turning to go .

" Wait Rohit, It's nothing just normal. It's a curse that every girl has to face every month in her life "

" What!!!! Curse???Every month that too throughout their life ." I asked her in surprise with my eyes wide open.

" Yes whole life unless and until a kind-hearted guy who is a real man doesn't liberate a girl out of this curse."

"Why a guy not any medicine?"

" No not yet, no medicine can do . The weapon for it's treatment is only with guys like you,with the help of what you can get me rid of this curse."

" Me !!!!! But how I don't have any idea how and from where this blood is coming from. I'm not a doctor and what this weapon is all about?"

" You don't need to be a doctor for that, boys are equipped with the weapon to heal girls. Just like Hanuman who had no idea about how much power he possessed unless he was reminded of it and later he crossed the vast ocean to reach Sri Lanka same way you don't know the power of your weapon unless you are taught about it's importance."

" Ma'am you taught me so many things teach me too so that I can atleast help you. I can't see you in pain."

" That's so sweet of you Rohit," she pulled me closer and kissed me on my cheeks and said please get me that packet kept on the table.

I saw something wrapped in a newspaper has been kept on the table. I picked it up only to feel it as soft and light as a packet of bread "

" What is inside this ma'am ,I guess bread "

Ma'am just laughed and said," you are so innocent Rohit wait I'll show you what's in it." She unwrapped it only to find a blue coloured packed in it. She tore it and picking one slice from inside she told me to smell it. It felt just like a slice of bread in my hands and as I smelled it ,it's fragrance just made me say," wow ma'am it smells wonderful what is it.?"

She laughed at my words and said ," Untill we get treatment by a guy we have to use it as a mean to check the blood flow."

" So you use it throughout the year?"

" No no, just for three to seven days in a month "

" But how does it help"

You are so innocent Rohit, It's like a blotting paper,it absorbs all the blood . Wait I'll show you ," saying this she began to unfold that piece which she had given me to smell folded piece and told me to smell it and said " it's sanitary napkin which we have to place at the point from where blood used to ooze out with the help of our pant."

" But doesn't it get misplaced while walking or changing posture?"

" Wait I'll show you", saying this she took that napkin in her palm and in fraction of second she moved her hand between my thighs and placed that napkin on the sensitive part of my body. This came as a surprise to me and I moved back when she said," Why did you get back. I'm just showing you how it stays stuck to our body. Don't shy tomorrow you will have girlfriend or daughter you need to teach them too."

Somewhere I felt she was saying the right thing. After all one should gain knowledge of whatever he is being exposed to. I stood silently while she came closer to me from my behind. Held his hands to my front and holding the napkin she pushed her hand between my thighs and began to rub it on my part. I can feel her body rubbing on my back and her fingers on my lower private part. I felt awkward initially but slowly slowly I began to enjoy. I felt as if something is filling within me and my body turning from hot to hotter when suddenly I felt sometimes making my pants wet. She removed her hands and the napkin and said ," You came out so early but this is the medicine that will make me get rid of the curse but you need to know more about it. Now take this towel and remove your pants. I'll wash it before anyone else see it"

I switched into her towel and she took the pant and smelled it deeply and said," Rohit your medicine got intoxicating fragrance I'm sure it gonna help me to get rid of my curse."

Just then I heard mom calling out for me and coming towards our room. She told me to get into the washroom quickly before mom comes in. From within the washroom I could hear my mom and her talks. Mom asked her whether she had seen me anywhere because she didn't find me in my room and ma'am said no she hadn't. After mom left with the help of ma'am I got into my room and that night I tried myself to experience the magic that ma'am's hand taught me.