Ok soo... what to write( i guess, start writing, something will come definitely good) , so guys who came from last blog/story , i am very very thankful to you , those who are new , please i request you to read the last ones too (they are short) .

Ok so continuing from where i left yesterday , i said i would talk about my boards which was the most roller coaster time in my life till date, so it was boards , class 10th , ofcourse stress , parents are more stressed than me though , "samaj mae sir choda kare kaas" (may he uplift our head in society) , I am going school , coming back , going to tuition , coming back and its darkness , i cannot go and play , i am just struggling and studying school and then 2 tuition, I am going to my PCM tuition , i am studying only maths , that too only its waste of time because i got a teacher which i didn't deserved and we just covered half and half of syllabus that too not properly, some of students left tuition maybe because of me or because of the teacher , then my tution classes shifed to 5a.m. that too in winters , i catched cold (obvously anyone would) , i could't go to tutiton , i left my tutions ( i took tuitions from class 2nd and hadn't left one with half syllabus covered though and now i did it in my important year ), i realised i haven't studied anything , so i did everything to study maths , which i was good at , i studied good , and scored good too it was like i was the second highest scorer in maths in pre boards in whole school , and what came with these good marks was over-confidence ... i scored 77 marks ( wtff............) ,

( oh no. another abrupt ending , sorry guys just need another blog to express the most important part of my life)

It is a big story of about what and where i did bad that i came from being second highest to less than average in months , so i'd request you to please read my next story for the same, which will definitely help you and will be a good moral.

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