In Shock
For a timeless moment, he was suspended within the confines of his car. Then gravity took over with a force that sent the vehicle hurtling down the face of the ravine.
"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." His broken apology flew down with the blood spewing from his lips.

Natalie gets out of her crunched up car and stands over the ravine as she watches his car juggle its way to the bottom. She yells something and smiles as the car bursts into flames. She pulls out her phone and puts on a show that masks the joy within her and dials 911.

"Hello, Oh my God, its on fire, please. I was following him and a car hit us both, but his car went over the ravine." Faux tears falling from her eyes. Another car coming around the dangerous curve pulls over. The driver gets out and runs to Natalie's aide.

The driver notices the smokes from the flames down in the ravine as he get closer to her, "Miss, are you alright? What happened?"

Natalie was not prepared for a witness, so she cranked up her theatrics, became inconsolable, and dropped to her knees. The driver took the phone from her and explained their location to the emergency operator. He held Natalie until the mountain side echoed with sirens and beamed with blue and red lights.

Natalie was now in the care of emergency personnel and the driver gave the police his statement. The joy Natalie felt began to creep to the surface as she began to laugh hysterically and then cry to cover it up. The EMTs said that she was in a state of shock.

As one of the EMTs walked Natalie to the police vehicle that would get her home the entire mountain side froze, "HE'S ALIVE, HE'S ALIVE. RESCUE TEAM, MOVE!"

Natalie overcome with emotion, mostly anger and frustration, stood anxiously by as she watched the emergency rescue crew recover her husband. They make it to the top and the EMTs work to stabilize him for transport.

Natalie rushes over, completely distraught and desperately trying to see the extent of his injuries, "John, John, are you okay, talk to me." The police hold her back and take her back to the squad car so the EMTs can do their job.

John, now stable, mustered up a few words and handed over his cellphone to an officer. John presses a button as officer looks at the phone. Seconds go by and anyone in earshot of her husband's phone turns and looks at Natalie.

Natalie is confused. An officer approaches her to give her an update, "Ma'am, I am Officer Cofield. Your husband is now stable but is pretty beat up with more than a few broken bones. He was thrown from the vehicle, ironically enough, that was lucky for him."

The officer looks around, signaling officers close by to approach as he pulls out John's cellphone, "John handed me his phone before they took off. He showed me something that maybe you could explain."

The officer presses play as Natalie takes the phone in her hands. Immediately John's frantic voice can be heard, "She is crazy. If anyone sees this, my wife is trying to kill me. Oh my God. Natalie, No! Please. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

Screeching tires and a loud collision can be heard as the video turns blurry. It returns to focus with a shot face up toward the road and a figure in plain view.

The figure yells, "I HOPE YOU FUCKING DIE," and the video stops shortly after. Natalie, now shaking, replays the video over and over as a grin grows on her face and tears gracefully fall from her eyes. Her body is in shock.

© CorinneTheWriter