The Bully: Turmoil (18+)

"The parents should be the role model not the distress."
~ Zoë

Once, there was a boy named Victor who was a bully who liked to wreck the projects of his classmates and splash water during their break time.

One day, the guidance counselor called his mom, "Hello, Mrs. Valentine your son bullied again one of his classmates, if this happens once more your son will be expelled." The guidance counselor said to Victor's mom.

"Okay, miss let me talk to my son." Victor's mom said to the guidance counselor.

At their house...

"Victor, what have you done again? You're a disappointment to this house!" Her mom said then she slapped him.

"Mom, it's all your fault!" Victor said then he stormed out on the way to his room.

"Selene, why did you slap our son?" Fernand, his father said to her mother.

"Because he's a disappointment, the school called me again!" Selene said shouting.

"That's not enough reason for you to slap him." Fernand talk back.

"Yeah yeah, that's why he doesn't learn his lesson, you always protect him," Selene said and then she walked away.

Little did they know, that their son was listening to them as they were fighting.

"It's all their fault, they kept on fighting every day," Victor said to himself as he cried, and then he started cutting his wrist again.

The next day, Victor did the unexpected.

To Be Continued...

© XoXo