So i told about how i scored more than 90% in 12th that was the First and the last one of my school life, continuing from where i left my story of how worst i scored in maths in 10th, It was covid afterwards some of my exams got cancelled and we were rewarded goods marks for those , but then came the Era of covid and online classes, they imparted me as much knowledge as i used to get in games period while going on field, i used to join the class and then started playing online games, sometimes coming for the attendance or otherwise i'd rarely know when the class got ended, sometimes leading me to miss some classes as i used to forget the time , too much involved in the games, i made many online friends we used to play games , during exams i used to cheat with books open in the background, i learned nothing except maths which i used to practice everyday in Tuition as well as in home, then came the exams, with me literally having zero knowledge, i covered the whole book in every subject the night before in just 5-6 hours without sleeping and just somehow gave my exams and somehow scored 66%, that wasn't that bad, but you see, i than determined to now study as hard as i can in 12th because it was to be the Toughest and most crucial moment of my life, but i couldn't make it past 2 days, i got addicted back to the same schedule, online games and no study, then came my 2nd unit test that could be given in school too, i took this chance because i couldn't study online , so i gave those exams offline( only me and my friends attended school out of around 200 students though), couldn't score good but not bad too, managed to pass and now the classes were offline , i used to come back from school then attended the tution of physics, chemistry, maths, came back till night didn't have time to play games too, was kinda focused in studies and by the time 1stsemester exams came( We had two board exams 1st semester and 2nd semester), i was ready quiet good to face those, gave those exams and scored around 90%(assuming teachers gave me 20/20 in internals) and thus was enlisted as the intelligent guy of the class( was enlisted in past but didn't had the courage to accept it as i hadn't scored in 90 even once).

This story/blog has been writen enough, so i guess i have to end it here with half story but will continue and end the same in the next, till then thank you for coming this far and i would request you to read laste stories/blogs for my sake.

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