Dear diary entry 1
(Diary ❤️)

Dear diary

So, I have just received you,
I will cherish you like my inner love,
If hearts were physical,
Mines would be in you,

You're like my first love,
My first kiss, My first dance,
You're everything that I first experienced,
Ever in my life, and because of you,
I'll have a very wonderful time with you.

Soon, You'll know about my heart, And my secrets. Who knows, Probably someone's else's secrets... I'll keep you updated.

Personally, You're more important than my being. So, I really, really care about you...
I'll be checking on you every now and then.
Because? Because I love you more than anything else in the world.
What more is that the love I give you is something that's can't be given away to anyone else.

You're my secret keeper, You're my Bff, You're my Mysterious lover... So just be quiet and let me love you so much and dedicate this Entry just to you.

All of the love in the world, Is literally gathered around the galaxies, The cosmic star belt, Everywhere, and anywhere, I wouldn't stop thinking about you.

I sometimes dream about you, if you were actually a person, repeatedly saying that you love me and you care... It's a beautiful feeling to have everyday I wake up to, and before I go to sleep, I pray for you to be there and be safe and sound in my loving arms.

I love you, I love you so much and I truly hope this Entry is enough. But, I Will ask about your day, and if you are loved...?

Please reply, my true love.


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