A Romantic Revenge part -2
A perfect life and a perfect love:-
Come on fast , get up"

"Ok I will and hold on to it till the last breath of my life ".

Kuhu held his hand and get up. There is a saying in India that God is also very humours personal who sets up  ever situation ironically or make it more exciting. Here it works as well . Kuhu sliped while getting and our pretty grabes her ,almost hugged her everyone was whispering and making jealous sounds . The stadium almost dived into a pin drop silence .

Kuhu doesn't realise when that man left and the match begins once again
Until now she doesn't pay any attention but now she finally focused in the game. Last time it was a time over so both the teams have to shoot the ball to score points for their team .
It was match between 9th vs 10th standard and it was a 15/15 tie .The refari blowed the whistle and the most powerful player from the 10th standard . The famous bad boy of the school David Laurence.

May be it is the first time when she paid attention to another boy after Rayan's  leave . If Rayan is a Greek God then devid is Jack from  'Titanic' or a spoiled masketeers from France.
He have hazel eyes  bright white complexion black longer than usual  in contrast with that . He wears a silver earrings and cross chain. His beauty can be compared with the phrase " Terrifying Beautiful".

He walked to the point and pull ball overhead , ge lifted his ankle a little bit , without moving from his position, his eyes kept are focused in the busket
Which shows his expertise . Right after that he shoot the ball without hesitating a moment. The result was as expected it was a big win. Now it is a tense situation for the juniors .

After a minute discussion they decided to send boy named Raghu ,he is shorter than the other boys have big curly hair , his eyes reflects intelligence. Everyone thought it might be Rayan , so some are a bit tense in the audience. the boy held the ball and took 5 sec to set the target , and shoot target . Again it was a hit but it was unexpected .

Now it's a tie and the other boy from 10 th missed the shoot. It is the perfect chance for the juniors to win the match. Now everyone wanted Raghu to make the move but soon he realises that if he doesn't make it then everyone will make him feel guilty, so he refused to go now. Everyone noticed there is some arguments in the team . Now the only one can be believed is Rayan . As soon as he came out everyone started shouting. But when he came to the point everyone become silent . Anyone can tell that he is nervous , as a team captain it is more important for him to score the point. He stood in the point for a while  may be searching for a clear motivation. Suddenly a scream broke out......

"Rayaaaaaan you can do it. I knowww  you can fonit ".

Yes it is our Kuhu . Everyone staired at as well as Rayan . He smiled at her and clinched his fist. Now  looked at the target confidently. He shoot the ball  and it hit the bord then again in the adge if the net . Everyone stopped breathing for a moment kuhu almost cried . After a three bounce it falls in the net .

Almost everyone shouted at the moment. The teachers principal who are there just for show until the climax they all hugged  the Sports teacher and put all the juice into the match. Also  big sighs and discouraged voices passed from the senior supporters. Some juniors teased the 10 th batch and a little action formed there.

Among all these incidents two pair of eyes meet each other calmly but too much passion is there. Rayan can't look away even when the others lifted him for  cheers. Another pair of hazel eyes is also looking at that unnoticed incident and smtiked a bit.

Kuhu inner thoughts--------
" Yes , it's a perfect start for a new life . Is it called a perfect love ? Yes it is .

TO BE CONTINUED..........................

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