A heartfelt letter for someone who's going through depression

My dear friend,
I know what it feels like when you see no future. When you feel everything is gone wrong. I know how it is to be lost in your own world and trapped in negative thoughts. And it feels so hard to get out of those unending cycle of thoughts.

I know how all this is true to you right now. And despite all this I also know that you are not alone. God himself is with you. And he always will be - Eternally and forever. His immeasurable power is with you. You may not see that right now. But trust me, it's there. And always will be. His power is within you in your heart. No matter what you have lost in his life, his love is with you. And let me tell you a secret, you cannot lose his deep, immense love for you. That love is more valuable than anything in this world. The worldly gains appear significant right now but would they last forever? No, they have to go. It's the nature of things. For some they leave sooner. But that's okay, trust God's plans, his plans are always better than what you've imagined for yourself. God is always protecting you. You just need to acknowledge his presence in your heart.

And trust me, God wants you to be hopeful again. He wants you to take small steps to be better. Know that he has given you immense power to be healthy and happy again.

Always remember, his protection is mightier than anything else. His love is bigger than all the earthly oceans combined. Trust in that supreme and highest power and surrender to his wishes. You will be much more calm and peaceful in this moment.

Surrender is the way out of negativity and depression. Leave it on him and accept what he wishes for you. Accept what is.

With love,

Do read this message twice a day. Our thoughts make us who we are. You just have to change your thoughts, and your life will be changed. Hope this message gives you a positive mindset.

Please share this message with your loved ones who are going through a tough time. Let's take their responsibility and do everything possible to heal them. Afterall, it's our love for them which can truly bring them back to life. Show your love and care through this message. Thank you. ❤️
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