On occasion of me getting 69 followers, a tremendous achievement in every Writco user's journey, I let people ask me literally anything... and these are my answers!

•What is a genre you wanted to write in but never did?
Ans- Romance! I can write depressing stuff all day, but I've always wanted to write something wholesome and fluffy... Well, I couldn't because idk how romance works, and any time I try writing romance, atleast one character dies a horrifying death :D

•What is the happiest moment of your life?
Ans- I do not have one😏
Haha, seriously speaking, the happiest moments of my life were when I had a cute kitten. Those were days I spent the whole day with him, ignoring everything else, and those are the days I love most.

•If you could name yourself, what would the name be?
Ans- Ah, I don't really mind my own name. But, I'd like to be named Vincent in a universe where I'm a boy.

•What books do you like to read?
Ans- Anything that makes me feel something. It can be a bittersweet feeling like in the Toy Makers by Robert Dinsdale, or a strange sense of peace, like in Life of Pi by Yann Martel, or just straight up depressed, like in the Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka.

•What's your favourite colour?
Ans- Light pastel pink, and purple as well.
No, the colours do not match my personality.
But they're so prettyyyyyy✨

•Favourite Book?
Ans- The entire Harry Potter series! Before the pandemic, I'd binge read each and every book, and at the time, my whole class was filled with Potterheads, so it was like a mini fandom! I know it's a clichè choice, but those times are nostalgic.

•Favourite Singer?
Ans- Lata Mangeshkar.
I do not understand her songs.
But she had the voice of an angel.
Or a nightingale, to be more specific.
Her songs aren't really my vibe, but I adore her voice.

•Favourite Band?
Ans- Glass Animals! No, not cause of Heat Waves, I've known them before that. The first song of theirs I've listened to was, "Toes".
Yes, that is the title.
It's got a cool vibe.
And I also learnt NEVER to Google, "Toes" without adding "Glass Animals" after it.
(The memories still haunt me...)
Mother Mother is a close second. Yes, their songs are edgy. Yes, it makes people question my mental health, but I like what I like.

•What do you think of Charles Dickens?
Ans- I know nothing about him as a person, but when I was a kid, I read a short story of his... "A Child's Dream of a Star". To this day, it comforts me when I think of death and other scary stuff. There's also "A Christmas Carol", I liked that!

•Best anime to watch (for beginners)?
Ans- Death Note if you're into mystery, thriller, solving puzzles, etc... Demon Slayer works as a good starter anime too!

•Favourite Anime Movie?
Ans- Your Name... The animation is absolutely stunning🌠

•All time favourite anime?
Ans- That is such a difficult question, there's so many I love! But, Mob Psycho 100, Death Note, Demon Slayer, One Punch Man, and Tokyo Ghoul take the cake.
I know that's not one anime, buuut, I am a very indecisive person.
Most of my life choices were decided by a coin flip, Sholay style :P

•What will you do if a friend of yours is disheartened, depressed, and unwilling to live?
Ans- I don't know what I would do. I'd listen to them, let them vent and stuff, and keep reminding them I care... I'll just try to be a reminder that they must not give up.
I know this isn't exactly a good answer, but to be honest, I am that friend, haha.

•If you could paint the world in a colour of your choice, what would the colour be?
Ans- The world is stunning as is... But, I'd probably paint it in soft pastel shades of blues and pinks. The sky looking like pink cotton candy, the sea softly splashing in light blues...

•What do you think would be the reason for human extinction some day?
Ans- Greed, hate, and a heck ton of stupidity.

•Do you believe in the existence of magic or magical creatures?
Ans- Yes :D
I like fairies ^~^

•Which planet would you like to visit atleast once?
Ans- Mars! Idk why, I just like it :D

•You are given a immortality pill. Now either you take it or give it to someone else who doesn't want to live...What would you choose?
Ans- Either me, or someone who doesn't wanna live... but we're the same person! So, I guess I'll be having that pill anyways haha!

•Introvert or extrovert?
Ans- Extrovert with the social skills of an introvert TwT

•How did you come up with the name, "Id" and "Hyde"? Does it have a meaning or a story behind that name?
Ans- A very nice question, dear journalist!
"Id" was chosen because it means, "Impulse". On Writco, I say whatever I want without thinking twice. As for the name, "Hyde", it's a reference to Jekyll and Hyde.
This version of me is supposed to represent the worst side of me... The side that rants about her own problems regardless of how uncomfy they may be, the side that is selfish.

I thought I'd be unlikable on Writco cause of how blunt I was... But that didn't happen. Not cause I'm a "nice" person. But because the people are nice. They're so strangely supportive and patient, I can't help but be a bit happier, and a bit nicer.
So thank you all :)

Aaand, that wraps it up... This was really fun, thank you all who asked me this stuff!
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