A Romantic Revenge - Green sparkly eyes part 2
A hand reached her shoulder and she was so perplexed by the sudden approach.
" 3 times in one day, not technically 4 times . We must have some connection other than why we are crossing paths very often right."
Kuhu just couldn't say anything. The attention seeker never missed to amaze anyone . He was standing right behind where she was sitting by folding her knees. He shield her with his umbrella. She doesn't notice when it's started pouring.
"We should introduce ourselves properly right?"
"Yes ,yes. Kuhu 9th class music department. I live nearby ."
"I see , you may already know Rayan, 9th class sports department. By the way is it your pet?"
"No , but I found it and now the church is raising it on my behalf."
"I see , can I hold it?"
"Ofcourse "
Just when he stretched his hand to hold kitty she scratched him , and made an awful sound .
"Oh, God you must be hurt. Uff bad kitte go away."
"It's okay(struggling in pain)."
"No it's not okay. Come with me I will find some ointment for you."
Kuhu left slowly with Rayan but the cat was still there . The two Green eyes started to release sparkling aura again.

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