My first friend
Do you know who was my first freind my first freind was my father he always help me one day when i was a kid my mother scould me because i didn't do my homework and I went to play with my sister and come at night to 8 o'clock and after eating dinner I went to bed and that was my biggest mistake of my life she scould me a lot I was so sad after waking up I see that my mother isn't talking to me I was too sad that day I was sad in school too when I came from school I see that my father got me a remote control car which I have seen in shopping mall I really, really liked it a lot and my father said me (happily) that do your homework at time otherwise I will take it back from you, I said no no I will do my homework at time my father give me a smile, from that day I never forget to do my homework that was really, really inspiring thing for me thank you dad❤❤❤❤