🍁Lucky Fate🍁( My School Incident )

Hi Friends 🤩

I'm back from school..😉

Today I like to share an incident 😲which happened in my school and it's really a Lucky Fate....😊

I found it as magical luck to me
Maybe a great "Coincidence..." too🤩

The Incident....😄

As I entered into the school it was supb feel😌, my fav chemistry mam was there😍 and I had a good chat with her..🤗

I was really excited to see my school after a long "Quarantine"😅 it was same as before and some renovations works were made....🙂

To my disaster I was the only girl there.... 😑our pt sir was checking our body temperature 😶

I need to use staircase for my class😐 and there were those boys standing...😬
that pt sir😬 just forcing me to go... to my class... due to force I went....🥺

As, I thought 😶I was teased by that boys...😑I don't why they are only teasing with me😠other than me none of girls are messed up with them... 🙄
why God why ????🥺

I went up to my class, 😀I was searching for my name in those benches 🧐my section contain of 30 children I'm a short girl, friends used to call me 'shortie'🥰 so I went on searching for my name in front benches .... 😆

but no name for me....🥺 I went to my class sir and asked about my bench 😐he said it was that class only, but my name is not found...😐

without hopes, I used to check once again, 🙁inner me said me to look in the last row really without hopes I saw it...🙄 I have my name on that😳
to my surprise😯 my name was there in the last bench near window....😍
Wow🥰, this is heaven....!!!🥳

That Lucky Fate :😍

Sorry guys😅, this was the main incident I went up writing.... something😆

Now, have a look ok?😃

My lovable period in school was
'Humatics' not only I like that period but also that mam,

😊she is such a good person😃 with best ideas...😌 whenever I feel about anything I will have a chat with her ... and she used to talk to me nicely...🥰

So, she had spoken about a topic "Fate"....🧐

She asked us will we believe in fate?🤔

I'm a spiritual girl😇, so I used to believe in those things... 😀so I raised my hand 😁
in total of 30 only 3 people raised including me...😅

Idk, why many people won't believe in fate...🤔
Are you guys believe in fate???🤩

My Mam is a Mysterious Person, 😊she used have a concept😁, behind her question...😇

She asked everyone to pick up a paper...😯 I pick up a paper which I used to write some rhythms, to publish in writco just a practice sheet....😅

She told us to draw a symbol...or something ...🙂 just in a noticeable size,
I used to drew my best symbol
"❄️Blue Snowflake❄️" in my blue pen in a very corner of my paper...🍁

After sometimes later......
Our mam told to crush that paper thinking of anything that makes you heavy...🤭
I used to think about maths formulas I Crushed to the core...😂😂😂

After that mam said to aim our paper in the green board...
which looks like a ball, I was sitting at the last 😃...to my height it was really difficult to aim...😅

After a moment,😏
I thought about that boy who teased me in my way,😲 that fellow was sitting at the second bench corner.... 😒

Sorry, 😜guys I'm not a good girl...😏but this a good opportunity🤭 to makeup it... I aimed my paper to his head... 😈

It's a Century..... 😂I'm a good aimer 😈I think, it hits his head...🥳 he was looking back, and I'm the Oscar winner actor there.... 😎My mam told him to leave it... and then she smiled at me...😊

yep, 😬my mam was seeing me at very time.... 🧐but she was smiling 😊because she understands something about it....🙃

After many crushed paper were fallen down, 😃my mam picked it up and give everyone a Crushed paper...🙂

And here this the comedy,😂 I got a paper...it was totally dirty.... 🙄and the symbol I saw was a "skull".... 💀

Surely it was boy, 😯 I asked my girls about there symbols...🧐and no ones drew that...so, it's a boy then...😲

Boys are very good in putting opening scenes...😂
when I turn the paper back😂 .... it was written as

👉 chill for 10 paisa
👉1 kg flour
👉lifebuoy soup
👉 garam masala powder


I'm sorry guys😂 I can't control my laughter....I laugh out loud... really I'm laughing... laughing like anything....😂
My mam and students were seeing me and they too laughed....😂

Guys, the main point here is....🤭
a poem he written🤣

"Fat pig, fall in Fatter dig fatty fatty Moscow.... that's mask with cow....


Guys, believe me🤞 this is really true ...this how he wrote I'm even can't able to write now, I'm just laughing like anything....😂

After some years,
I came to normal... my mam tried her best to stop me, I stopped just for her ...😅
My mam told us to scribble in that paper .... by imagine something....😃

Me scribbled a lot in that paper his poems, 😂 his glossary list everything no man should die out laughing
by seeing this ....I thought🤣

After sometimes mam told us to point crush that paper which was exchanged now .... 😃
me who asked mam, can I tear into pieces... but she rejected smiling...😅

My mam told to aim that paper in that green board... again but now promisly I aimed to that fellow's head again😂but it went into the Dustin....😆

Only my paper went into the Dustin...😆
Our class members were laughing like anything.... really me too😂
my inner mind said, "he had became as a Dustin .... " 😂😂😂
There I goes again started to laugh by that imagination... 🤣🤣🤣

Sorry guys... it's doesn't meant to hate anyone, just a truth ok?😃

After sometimes later mam call out the students, and told to pick a paper
up the Crush paper on floor...first preference was given for fate accepters.... 😃
Me, my friend and a boy came to pick up a ball.... 🥳me standing there for too long chanting prayers that I should get my paper, I want fate to be real I thought....😶

I took a paper in my hand, but that one paper caught my eye, 😲
Really it was clean white and mould in perfect shape, it looks like a pearl in shell....I forgot about fate in that moment I took that paper....😳

After sometimes I recognised why I did that....I felt mysterious....😬

After everyone took their ball, mam told to open everyone at a same time..

Me who doesn't even want to break that pearl... that one crazy fellow in my gang with her hands she crushed it....
I beat her to hell...I was so sad that my pearl was crushed....🥺

Can someone really mould a paper like this? or this is really a paper....? I thought of about it...🙁

Now, I come to my present...
fate ...fate.... right? i totally forgot about it...😬

will is this paper belongs to me???😳

I opened it .... I used to see some words like.... "poem, story, quotes"
That hand writing denotes something...... and that paper without my knowledge I wrote my name in that paper before.... but I can't see any scribbling there.... 😲😲😲

Mainly it was my paper, .... it's mine
I can't even believe it.... fate of me came true I'm really happy to edge....😳😲🥺😯

but there is not scribblings
that's the case there.... I turned that paper and it's written, not scribbled😶😶😶

"Really, Sorry for messing with you, we don't want to mess with you, we Just need to be your friends.... with you and other girls but idk to be friends so I did it really sorry shortie.... 🥺😃🙁
And I know shortie you are one who hit my head...."😜

It's that fellow...... when I see him, he was smiling at me and said sorry in a very low voice not only him but his whole gang....😬😯😊😊

I was really stunned...🥺

Later my mam asked who got their fate paper.... I raised my hand in Courage and that fellow....No....my brother clapped his hands for me....🥳🥳🥳🥳

I'm very happy .... later, we girls went on chatting with boys as very good friends....😂

Guys.... it's really really true... it's really wonderful right???😃

The main msg is: 😎

we really don't know what happens next, 😯but believing things is very essential😃 to prove as strong.... was believing yourself is the best gift 🥳you can give to yourself just do it 😃okay?

I hope you will like it 😊 Friends 🤩
A true incident happened today...🙂

© Niyana_cage ❄️