That man is Datman
There lived a curious 16-year-old girl who always wanted to know everything; her name was Henrietta. One day Henrietta and two of her friends went to a relative's birthday celebration. Henrietta's friend had a headband that she wanted so badly, but when Henrietta asked her for her headband, she said "NO".
Finally, Henrietta's friend agreed, but only on one condition; she had to complete a task. The task was to get the name of the dark-skinned man at the refreshment table without talking to him. Henrietta went to her other friend and asked if she knew the man's name, and surprisingly, she said that she did. She said that the man's name is Datman.

•Henrietta: I know, it's that man but what is his name?
•Friend 2: Datman.
•Henrietta:(To her first friend) Don't worry about the headband. And by the way, what is the name of that man?
•Friend 1: Datman
•Henrietta: Huh?
•Friend 1: D-A-T-M-A-N
•Henrietta: (See her friend looking at her with the side of her eye and then walks away)