Noman: The Lockerman of Secrets: Burn and ashes: I
Noman was a man who knew the secrets of all, why people whether good or bad, everyone liked Noman as a good friend or as a secret. Noman was friends with all the crooks or goons in the city, along with his friendship with the government, military officers and police, but no one knew the reality of Noman, where he lives, and where he works. For there was a secret, but everyone used to tell all the secrets to Noman as soon as he came in front of Noman. No one else could know.
It can also be said that the key to the treasury of the people's secret was with Noman and Noman is a mysterious character.

Burn and Ashes

Noman goes to a bar, sees an empty table and sits there. Noman goes to every bar in the city and it goes after 8:30 every night. Noman calls the waiter by name and the waiter comes to Noman.
Waiter: Yes sir what do you want?
Noman: A Scotch whiskey 30 ml.
Noman gives a tip to the waiter as well as paid the bill.
Noman comfortably keeps an eye all over the bar as if he is looking for someone.
Noman puts a spy microphone under all the tables so that each table can be heard.
He enjoys Scotch whiskey by sitting till late at night and also listens to all the talk of others.

Then news comes on television that someone has killed the President. Noman sees the news and leaves the bar. People were demonstrating on the way and a huge crowd gathers within a few minutes. Noman tries to get out of his car when Noman gets attacked by a petrol bomb. A fire breaks out in Noman's car before he can understand anything. Noman tries to save himself. The flames were so thick that nothing was visible.

To Be Continue.......

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