Life of the unknown
I sit here today in shock,but today i get to know that every girl in the world has gone through one pain or the other not all girls but some, here is a littlestory of an unknown girl it a true life story names would not be shared for security reason but people has to known whats going on in the world most expecially to the young once out thier
once upon a time thier was a girl called the unknowni call her the unknown because her life is full of misery they are so many ways a girls life can be full of misery as a girl child she wase exposed to the sex world at the age of 4 ,suppriesed right yeah so early she was given sweet cokies, and was raped without knowing lol you would ask did she not bleed lol noo he did it slowly for days and always give her money or cookies he was way older than she, she never knew what was happing to her. her mom had to take care of her and her younger once since she was abounded by thier father thier about 4 kids. she has fathers first daughter but not her mothers she was from a really wild family nevertheless she worked hardshe had to drop out of school for her younger once to futher thier education her father had many other wifes. she left school at the age of 13, she did all kind of farm works name it she worked really hard, nigeria has a sweet and bitter part, but she never enjoyed the good side of nigeria would i call it karma or sins of the father befalling on the child, she would always ask why, why would she have to go out at night to get snails from the river just to sell and cook for the family to eat.but she did it anyways because she was making money from it,at a time her mom feel sick from an unknown diesese that the doctor could not cure,her legs got swollen after a while she got better after some spiritual medications, the unkown girl worked till she was 15 then she had to leave because of some spiritual forces from the villiage that was atacking her and she was raped by 10 guys at the village streaam where she went to get some snails, this story might sound wired but it real. shame and fear never allowed her to say and word to any one while she was going through deppresion her younger sister died. she was broken her life was like GOD why, so many things went through then she decided to leave her home and went not knowing where she was going to i guessed she belived in miracle.
funny but some poeple belive do come through but hers never come through the day she started running from her fears thats was the beninging of her problems. she slept on bridges sold waters on head until she sold to the devil in form of human, he gave her hope she was the only man she was able to open up to she told him all about herself,andhe promised her to get her a better place and that he would take her from the streets which he did. he kept her in his home for a month and then told her that he want to traveled out of nigeria to europe and would like her to come with him, she agreed at the time he was already sleeping with her knowing she is just and underaged girl,, finally he got her prepaid, she is just a child she never knew how people are supposed to travel to europe,
i would countinue when am free hrt