7 signs that you are born to be a writer.
There are a million ways to find out if writing is your calling but who has that kind of time?

Read these seven signs and if you can resonate with even one of them, congratulations, you are one of those mysteriously weird people who are always looking for a sign aka a writer.

1. You have an ability to fantasize vividly.

2. You are a day dreamer and you love to stay in your own world where stories are made.

3. You love new words, whenever you see your new word you have to know the meaning.

4. You absolutely love reading all kinds of things.You leave no page unturned, no book untouched.

5. A solitary life with no or little fame is ok with you as long as you get to write.

6. You can't stop writing and when you do stop, you don't feel like yourself.

7. Your mind is always looking for a story in every situation.

Now stop daydreaming (one more sign), and start writing whatever pops up in your mind.

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