A Romantic Revenge part - 5
Some other guy said "Music department you guys are screwed. This year's annual competition is our game ".

Many sighs from the class fell of togather. Many are teasing her . But kuhu doesn't payed attention to any of these and all she is doing to searching for an empty seat in the class . Suddenly a voice reached her .

" Hey sweetie come  sit next to me ".

A pretty girl tapped at her empty side of the bench . She has long straight black hair , the long baby bangs did a good jod in decorating her forehead which ended just before the territory of her round black eyes. Kuhu realy never seen such genuine smile for her from good-looking peoples . May be thats why she came down and sat beside her like a possesed baby.

"Hey what ya department again ? I am Juline , my buddies call me julli in short."

"I am in music department,and you?"
" That's great , I am in Dance department . That means we can meet during the collabs also ."

"Really , is there a collaboration of departments ?"

" Ya ,only in music , dance , and combined department  at the end of the year."
( Combine are the ones who study music and dance as a combination and probably found group of band artist. Who make their own song and chirography)

"Juline  shut your big mouth."

She put her index finger in her lips and made a pouty face ,looking leftside up . Kuhu almost laughed at her.
" Now pay attention because what ever stream you are from English is mandatory to make it with flying colours. So where we were , the voice..........."

Kuhu is taking a stroll of the class while listening to voice change monologue. which is already at her palm. The view of the class more exciting than the outside beauty of the school . Some so called front benchers are totally pretending to de into the lecture, some are dozing behind the copies like the lady beside her, toppers were busy making note mybe for the private tutor, and some creatures are lost in scrutinizing the Beauty of mother Nature ( though beauty of Assam is realy something).

But one of these views are really unique. The one girl sitting in the back is shaking her head a light lossing her mind in those big blue headphones. Teacher may bag others little bit but he  has no thoughts about this girl though she is sitting in middle up row clearly visual in the class. The bell rang at 11.40  more like alarm to the legends class 9. As soon as the teacher goes out everyone started to pack the things and run to the door , even those who  were lost   in wonderland.

"Hey ,what just happened?"
" Bade it's where our real class starts from the core paper, practicals".

" Okey, bye sweet , meet you in the lunch".

Just before she leaves the short haired rocky girl came down from the back. She is more like tomboy . Wears trosres under the skirt ,her earphones are now hanging in her neck ,and she Wass chewing something staring at Kuhu with her long ,black, scary ,as well as attractive eyes .

" Hi , pumpkin I am Roma. Nice to see another victim of criticism."

"Rom just stop talking if you can't say any good thing to a new commer " July said

"I am just saying the truth, if she wanna improve then she must accept her current condition."

"It's ok July I am use to it."
" Hey, you wanna change the condition just take an advice , groom your personality or just leave dreaming to be a singer.Because this school gives wigns to your dream, if you can't fly  with their own money then you will end up breaking the expectations of everyone."

" By the way , we must  keep seeing each other Roma, combine department "

Roma steps out of the room . July was staring at Kuhu, and she was staring at blank

TO BE CONTINUED...................