My poetry
"How I started writing"
On "15th August 2021" I joined your quote
and started writing and my writing journey started. I posted number of posts in which I meet several writers which have different thoughts but ,all was marvelous. I changed my school in 10th class and from that day till today I never get friends .Means I don't get such type of people as I wanted . And I started writing to expose my feelings .I made friends there and till today I uses your quote as now it had declared that your quote will be shut down till January and i asked my friend on YQ . And after that suggestion
I came writco on" 20th November 2022" . Here , I meet several people . Here , I also
see many people as they support all whether it's new on or old in writco .
Thanks to all who supports me as they all are in my following.
My your quote I'd is Trilok Sharma 10
Instagram- shrma_trilok (Not uses much in 2-3 months )

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