Destiny Season 2
After 2 months,
Shreya has broken up the relationship with his boyfriend because his boyfriend has cheated on her. She became upset because she loved his boyfriend a lot. But now she can't give him another chance. She decided to just focus on the business. She started working very hard. She did overtime. Though she is upset being cheated but she can't let anyone see her sadness.

After 6 months
Koshik has become very cold person. he has become rude, arrogant and insensitive.None of girl can even stand in front of him. Nobody has guts to raise a question or voice in front of him. In this 6 months has personality has totally changed. His soft nature change into Devil behaviour.
Now, It looks like that Koshik has forgot about shreya but deep down he kept that earring very safe. Whenever he touch that earring he get thoughts about shreya and only shreya.
on the other hand, Shreya is doing hard work for her company. Actually she thinks that if she kept herself busy in work she might forget about the cheating which he got from his ex boyfriend.
After a very long time Koshik and shreya met each other in a grand award ceremony.
Shreya has worn a purple colour deep neck mermaid gown. In which her body shape is looking amazing. That purple gown in her fair skin tone has become a complimentry object. Nobody can take their eyes off from her. When Koshik realised that every businessman is just looking at Shreya. He felt jealousy and Anger. His anger can be shown in his eyes. His eyes is looking like that they are saying, "If anyone see shreya anymore with their eyes, He will gonna tear out their eyes. " Everyone got scared and look away from Shreya.
After the Event end, Some Journalist asked some questions to shreya. one journalist asked shreya, " Are you in relationship" ? Shreya answerd that "she had relationship but now she is single." Koshik also heard this conversation. There is happiness in his heart. But he took a step and sit into his car.

Next morning Koshik get up early. he was happy throughout the day. Everyone was startled seeing his happiness. he didn't scold anyone. Not he punish that employee who took leave without informing. although everyone was happy.
After a week Koshik ordered his employee to work hard because next month We have to give a best proposal for the Biggest contract of the year. The contract was "Rosemi"
Orzonika company was also working very hard to get the Rosemi contact. Now Koshik and Shreya was Compiting with each other.
Both company gave their best. They gave their best proposal but now Client was in trouble because he liked both companies proposal. Client decided to hire both companies. He gave idea to Shreya and koshik that he want them to work together for the Rosemi project. client also said that he want that koshik and shreya both have to work with each other.At last both of the have to work together on this project.

While working with each other, Shreya realised that Koshik is a Goodman and she started liking him. Koshik also get to know that he like right girl. He find shreya understanding, caring, mature and workaholic. After the project has done, they both celebrate it by throwing a party for their employees and Rosemi project clients.
Shreya invite koshik for a dinner. They both had dinner together. While having dinner koshik's mother called shreya and ask shreya to come her house, Shreya said to her that she is having dinner with koshik. Her mother became happy. She thought that they are on date. So she said, "oh! sorry to disturb. enjoy your dinner date with your boyfriend." Before shreya explain her she cut the call. In his heart, koshik is prouding his mother. Shreya also don't neglect the things because Deep down she also liked it.

After some days, Shreya realised that she has deeply fall in love with koshik and if she didn't confess her feelings to him so she will gonna regret it. So, she decided to propose koshik. She invited him for the dinner. She arranged a romantic dinner date and well proposal too.
When Koshik reached at the location He became surprised by seeing the decoration but he thought. There are some people so this decoration could be for someone else. he was waiting for shreya. When shreya arrived she was wearing Red bodycon dress with open hair. Seeing her beauty he fall in love with her again.
Shreya started conversation saying, "Am I looking good?" Koshik replied, 'Stunning'.
Shreya said that she want to ask him something. Koshik said "Go ahead." She asked, " Do you have a girlfriend?" Koshik became shocked but he replied "No."
She again asked, " Can I Pursue you?" After hearing Straight question, Koshik became startled. He asked, "Don't you have a boyfriend, Miss. Shreya Shrivastav?" She replied, "It depends on you, Mr Koshik khurana." Deep down Koshik is liking actually loving this conversation but his face looks like that it doesn't affect him. Seeing his expression shreya was Loosing his confidence and became nervous.
Koshik asked Shreya, "If I am not wrong, shreya so you didn't want any relationship with me right ? " Shreya replied," I didn't want any relationship with you in past, But now, I want". Koshik said, "What if I say no for this relationship?" Shreya replied, "I will not gonna give up on you until I get you."
Koshik Asked,"Propose me with your proposal idea." Shreya stood up and bring koshik into a centre of the cafe. She get on her knees and said to him , " I love you, I think I am obsessed with you Mr Koshik khurana. In past I didn't want relationship with you but now I only want you. My present and my future both belongs to you.
Will you be my boyfriend?"
The people who were present at that cafe shouting," say yes"," say yes".
Seeing her on knees and hearing I love you from her, koshik became soft. He stood her up and said to her, " You will get your answer in my next move". Before she think about his words koshik softly touch her cheeks and pull her towards himself and kept his lips on her lips. She become surprised but after some time she also joining him into that passionate kiss . Everyone just taking pictures of them. He said to shreya,"I love you since the day I met you, you idiot. "