letter for you 💌
It's been a long time since I shared my thoughts. for a writer or a person who loves to share thoughts with others, it's hard to be quiet. So here I am again with a letter for y'all (for anyone who will read it till the end)
It is not as hard to love yourself as you think. One of the main reasons to be unhappy or always at war with ourselves is we judge ourselves a lot. Stop imitating others. Yeah, it's good to be inspired by others but my dear you have your journey, your circumstances, your conditions to live so live according to yourself. It's not compulsory that whatever suits other people will be good for you too. Trust your guts. If you ever feel something draining your energy leave that place. PERIOD! Life is too short to be sad about failures or "failed trials". And then this line came to my mind:
جہاں میں ایسا کون ہے کہ جس کو کوئی غم نہیں ؟
But that غم shouldn't stop you!!
So my darling live every day like it's the last one! Spending time with yourself is the best way to know about you. We are always curious about the outer world but what about the world that is within us?? Here I'm signing off with the question for you to think.

20 _01_2024.
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