Home of Nations
As a nation once small but mighty that lived in tepees having raised above the odds to survive the ugliness of their earthly invaders.

With another nation of people treated in the same manner, taken from their lands, and brought to the land of the free without the freedom.

Then, there are those that feel they rule everything around them, as they borrow, steal and kill to get what they want no matter the cost of others to gain wealth and control.

As we look across the waters; we see another nation where its ruler was so controlling that under his ruling they grew to become a nation that utilized its technology to advance the world at large but lost their independence as individuals.

At the same time there are lost nations hidden behind the lies being told. Where their secrets and history have been buried and attached to its underwater and sandy graves where it holds the knowledge of how it was born, lived and died.

Looking further into another nation, its people are treated and given the utmost respect in all areas: beautiful land, beautiful people, beautiful place to raise a family and a beautiful place to live and die.

Lastly, we look at a place - that is so beautiful to behold that our eyes become overwhelmed as they try to focus on the pearly gates in front of them; as the roads paved with gold now appears.

As the eyes continue to look upon its sights it sees the most beautiful things one could imagine or not. Every precious stone known to the universe is present. Everything of beauty, respect and honor is now all in one place.

As we keep looking through the diamonds so brilliant that their inward glare designs shine through like nothing we've seen before.

The whitest of whites with the greenest of greens as the bluest of blues take over its skies. We can see every color kaleidoscope blending together creating a unique and mind blowing sight one could only dream about but, this is true.

To reach our heavenly home from our earthly abode by nation we will go through its worst to get our best in order to reap the benefits of its beauty, its glory, its reality, its promise made and kept; which is still meant for his children when they return home.

© V's Says