Wide, frightened eyes took in the casual gait of the man walking towards her. Cold beads of sweat broke out across her forehead. It couldn't be him, could it?
It was him! That smirk on his thin lips was too cruel to belong to someone else.
But how could it be? She had killed him years ago!...
And why was he here tonight of all nights. She was sitting with her husband in the restaurant celebrating their second wedding anniversary. Little did she realise that this man could tear her world apart if he gave up her secrets from that one night so long ago. The words and actions of that night and the next morning came flooding back to her.

She shifted on her seat uneasily as she felt his eyes burning into her as he sat at the bar slowly sipping a whisky and coke and smoking those pure havana cigars. All that she could hope for was that he would not introduce himself to her husband who clearly had no clue to who this man was. She smiled at her husband just hoping that would not see her sign of distress as he was very quick to read reactions.

The guy at the bar looked at her and gestured her to go to him and as much as she didn’t want to she knew she had to as she certainly did not want a scene tonight of all nights. This was meant to be a happy time amd all she could do was worry through fear as she so elegantly excused herself and made her way to the toilets which just so happened to be upstairs.

As she made her way to the stairs the guy at the bar immediately followed her with his usual grin and confidence. She made it halfway up the stairs and she heard those creamy velvet undertones of his voice ask “ are you not going to say helll or at least introduce me to your friend”. Anger now filling her she turned and said he is not my friend he is my husband and I would ask you to leave me alone please. The guy smiled and said “ what like you left me alone on that morning as ŷou climbed out of my bed and kissed me sweetly and said I’ll ring you after that one night of hot passionate lust we shared” The memories came flooding back of just how good that night was, how every touch from his fingers, every kiss from his lips and every movement their bodies made against each other on the silk sheets felt so good.

She blushed slightly and said “ I know what I said but I was due to be married a week later” just hoping that he wouldn’t see her blushing slightly. The man caught her gaze and said “ what is it worth for me not to introduce myself after all myself and your husband have both had the pleasures of you” she looked at him and said what do you want from me. His reply was simple “ just one night of your company not a whole night just a few hours” she sighed and replied “ if I give you that one night of a few hours will you promise to never say a word” his eyes brightened and he said “ you have my word”

She looked at him and said “ I need time to think about it” and his immediate reply was “ don’t think too long I don’t have all night I’m a busy man” as he smiled at her and reached out to touch her face as he said “ you had better be getting back to your husband now he will be wondering where you are”

She returned to the table and her husband immediately asked “ is everything ok you were gone quite a while” she just nodded and stayed silent and for the rest of the evening they chatted , held hands and even laughed a little. Nervously she made another excuse towards the end of the night to visit the ladies and once again the man followed. Well he said “ have you thought about it” she replied “ yes look take my number let me know where and when and I will be there I promise” he smiled and said “ don’t let me down I know where to find you and would hate for your husband to find out about our secret”
and he walked back to the bar.

Back at the table with her husband the waiter had bought over two Swarovski crystal glasses and the finest crystale champagne and the husband quickly interjected “ I did not order this please take it away” the waiter explained that the man at the bar was so happy to see such a nice couple that he wanted to buy them a drink” her heart raced thinking he’s going to do it he’s going to let out the secret anyway and decided to brave face it. she looked over at the man straight in the eye and gave a cursory smile as to which he nodded back.

The night was drawing to an end and her husband asked for the bill only to be told that the bill had been taken care of by a anonymous stranger. Could this be him she thought playing some twisted game in his sick little mind, maybe hoping that her husband would put two and two together and make a connection between the two. To her elation he did not. They both got up and made their way to the door she could feel his eyes watching her almost stripping her bare as she walked away from him but she couldn’t show any sign of worry.

They went home and spent the last of the evening making love to each other and yet as they did all she could do was worry about what was going to happen when she met him and she fell asleep her husbands arms but was restless that night.

The morning had come and she woke early but her husband had already set off to work so she showered dressesd and made herself a coffee and as she sat there drinking it her phone went off and her heart sunk as she pressed the receive button it. Straight away she recognised the voice and he said “ did you enjoy my charity last night as much as you did that one night we spent together” she hastily replied “ yes we both did thank you very much and I take it your ringing to let me know where and when to meet you” the line went silent for a few minutes and then the man quite calmly explained to her “ you have already done it my dear old friend from the past” she asked quizzically “ how have I” and the man calmly explained “ the restaurant in which you chose to eat is my restaurant I own it and for the few hours you were there I could see how happy you were and that’s all I ever wanted was for you to be happy with or without me” with that her mouth fell open and she could say nothing as the voice at the ends of the receiver said “ goodbye my dear friend” and the line went dead
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