The Girl Who Used to Scribble Ep-4
I don't know about others but at that moment I couldn't dare to move my hands. I remember how my whole body was shivering out of fear and how I was sweating in winter. The paper infront of me looked like a big white lake to me where I wanted to swim in to cool my heated body. I looked around my desk to find something that will satisfy my thirst and I saw a bottle I tried to reach it but I failed as I was sticked to the desk but still I tried I applied full force to move the bottle but it didn't move at all, not only the bottle the water inside the bottle didn't move at all even for a bit then suddenly I realised something that I seemed to miss from the beginning ever since I had opened my eyes. Everything around me was motionless except my classmates. The hands of the clocks, the leaves of the trees, the birds in the sky. All of those were motionless and was not moving. I suddenly felt that we all were trapped inside a painting where everything seems so real but does not have the life to move, breathe or live. "Were we really inside a painting?" I asked myself.
I wonder if someone else notices those things in the class because what I remember is that everybody in the class were busy in following the order of that voice that we all heard at that time, even if they didn't know the answer they took the courage to lift that pencil, as they all wanted this thing to stop, as they all wanted the things to return to its original position, as they all wanted to be free. So, all most all of them started scribbling on the paper anything to save their lives. After hearing that scribbling sound I was again reminded about that girl who used to scribble, well by then I knew her name, she was not unknown anymore. So, that sound suddenly reminded me of Lyna, again.
But were their answers correct? Suddenly then someone shouted "I'm done. Let me go now", following him others also started to shout the same. After that there was a sudden silence, everybody was expecting that voice to answer and then we heard that voice, that said, " Wrong, receive your punishment". The punishment was definitely more cruel than death. Those people that received the punishment suddenly stopped moving just like those clocks, leaves and birds. Rest of us started screaming their names in a hope that they will reply but there was no reply, all of us shouted their names again and again but then suddenly we realised that we all were forgetting their names, their face, their existence, we all suddenly started forgetting the memories that we had about them, and like that slowly and slowly their existence was completely taken away from our mind. After a while we all wondered who all were them?, whom we were calling? and what was their names? These were our questions. They all suddenly became strangers to us, as if they never existed in the class, as if they were always been invisible to our eyes and then the only thing I personally remembered about them were the scribbling sound, their heads down, the pencil they held and that paper that was infront of them, just like how I remembered Lyna, the girl who used to scribble.

To be continued...
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