Butterfly Scorching in The Fire
Do you want to live because you are afraid to die? If you think something should be written about the question, go ahead and do so.

Who isn't afraid to die? But the truth is that our body is also mortal, and life is a lie and death is a truth that everyone has to believe. Lifelong relationships are probably also the reason for our fear. We are afraid that maybe after our death will happen to our family and family relationships, this is the only truth that we should never have to face in the future, this thinking scares us.
I have seen the spirit of living in some people, but they are handicapped, who change their every negative or physical deficiency in a positive way, they also want to live, whether someone helps them or not, they have to make life easy on their own. They know that being a burden on someone throughout their life leads to disability.
Life takes birth but no one knows when it will end, maybe today, now, tomorrow, or any time you may die, but as long as there is life, living in fear is like death. Life is like a light and death is like a dark whirlpool. Fear of death ruins every moment of life like a Butterfly scorching in the fire.
For me, life is like a flowing stream of water, which sometimes stops but finds its way and keeps on moving until it meets the waters of the ocean of death. It doesn't matter how long life you are, but what matters is how you live your life. As long as there is life, I will live every journey of life with enthusiasm.

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