Revenge ( story part: 17)
Eun Sook is taking Hualing, Dylan and Kai to meet her mom today. They reach there and went inside the house.

Alice brings Eun-sook's mom out of the room. Eun Sook sees her mom and runs to her. And hugs her and said to her mom, "Mom, look who I have brought with me today, these three are my best friends."

Eun Sook: This is Hualing, and this is kai, and this is Dylan.

All three also come to Eun Sook's mom and introduce themselves. All three looked towards Eun Sook when they did not get any reply from Eun Sook's mom.

Hualing: Eun sook why isn't your mom happy to see us?

Alice: Don't feel bad. Actually, aunty's condition has been like this for the last 2 years.
Aunty doesn't talk much to anyone. She has lost the ability to talk.

All three become sad after hearing this. Hualing said to Eun Sook's mom while holding her hands, "Auntie, don't worry, Eun Sook is very happy. You don't need to worry about her now, the three of us are here with her."

Alice goes to collect the clothes kept outside. And all four sit inside and spend time with Eun Sook's mom.

Then suddenly the sound of firing was heard. Hearing this, all four quickly stood up from their places and came outside the house to see what had happened.

The four then see clothes scattered everywhere and Alice lying on the ground in agony from being shot.

Seeing this, Eun-sook calls out for Alice and runs to her but Dylan stops her.

Eun Sook: Dylan let me go....... sis Alice...

Blood is flowing non-stop from Alice's body. And she is suffering from pain.

Eun Sook pushed Dylan back and ran to Alice. Eun Sook places Alice's head on her lap and tries to talk to her.

Alice tries her best to talk but fails. After much effort, Alice said to Eun Sook, "Eun Sook, take full care of your mom."

After saying this, Alice dies. Eun Sook calls but Alice doesn't wake up. Then a man who fired a gun at Alice came.

Eun Sook looked at the man angrily. Dylan and the others also came running to Eun Sook.

Eun sook recognized who this man is!

Eun Sook: you you.... finally you yourself came in front of me...

Hualing asked Eun Sook what she was saying? Then Eun Sook said that this is the man whom she always wanted to take revenge. The one who killed her dad and the one who left her mom in this condition. And destroy the peace of this town.

Dylan started looking at that man carefully because he too seems to have seen this man somewhere.

Then someone called from behind calling that man's name.

A person: Rick, like you said, we've taken all the annoying people out of the way.

Rick: Very good.

Hearing the name Rick, Dylan's eyes widened and he saw a necklace around Rick's neck that looked familiar.
When he looked carefully, it was a golden half moon necklace like the one that was around his mom's neck.

He takes a step back and he can't believe it....

Dylan: (to himself.) No no this is not true!!! My dad left this world many years ago. This can't be my dad!

Then Dylan looked at Rick's hand where his dad had a scar on it. And Rick also had a scar on his hand which was exactly the same as the one on Dylan's dad's hand.

Dylan completely believed that this was his dad !!!!

To be continued

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