The One
The diamond necklace on the mannequin looked familiar. She placed her palm on the window that separated them and leaned in closer, memories flashed in her mind.
Subconsciously, her fingers slowly grazed her collar bone. She shut her eyes closed, remembering, recalling the cool sensations she felt when he wrapped the diamond necklace round her neck, glimmering under the moonlight.
Hot tears trickled down her cheeks as she recalled that night.

"You are the only one for me" He spoke softly to her, wrapping his hands round her waist.
She chuckled heartily as he nimbled on her ear.
"You say that all the time!" she said.
"Because that's true. I love you Anna. I don't think there will come a time when I won't stop. I love you so much that I am too scared to let go of you!"
Hearing those words, she felt an intense amount of happiness inside of her.
After all these years he finally admitted his feelings for her. She has always been the one chasing, running after him, not wanting to let go of him no matter how many times she got pushed away and yelled at by him, even to the point of humiliation. She always found herself needing to be around him, to be near him, to see him, to always be by his side.
Her friends called her crazy.
"Girl you are getting to the point of insanity, how can you like someone that doesn't appreciate you at all?"
They'd always ask but she never gave them a reply. She was crazy, crazy about him but now it seems that being crazy was the best thing she has ever done since it finally paid off.
She turned to look at him, staring at his cool green emerald eyes that always sent her heart racing. it always made her feel comfortable and completely flushed just by staring at him.
"I love you too with every fiber of my being, I will always love you!" She said sincerely, smiling warmly at him.
He beamed at her and pulled her closer to him. Slowly, she closed her eyes as he leaned in and kissed her. It felt so magical, so surreal that she wished so badly for it to last till eternity.

She wiped off the tears. That was a horrible trip down the memory lane. Maybe it was a good thing to auction the necklace off but she never expected to see it again. Was this a sign that it was time for her to move on? To finally let go?
She let out a deep breath, gripping the hands of her purse, she turned on her heels and walked away from the store. Maybe it was finally time for her to let go of him. He made his choice and now it was finally time for her to make hers. It was time for her to move on and that is what she will definitely do.
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