Your own blueprint

We must have self-compassion and not compare ourselves to others. Create a story about this while you deal with or avoid life's uncertainties.
The first step in self-compassion is to stop comparing yourself to others. As a graduating student, Cari experiences the anxiety brought on by the combination effect of not knowing what to do next after graduating from the university and the pressure to ensure that she will have a bright future as an educated individual. Adding to her worry is seeing how almost all of her friends are either working students or already working while she's there, focusing on her studies alone.
Before she even realizes what is happening, she's already beating herself up for not doing the same thing her friends do. She questions her ability to get a job even though she's still studying, just because her friends can do both. She felt so worthless, pressured, and scared. She is afraid that she will become nothing once she graduates. And people would mock her for not doing better when she was able to attend college.
She's worried about things that are not happening. She's anxious about things that she still has a chance to take action on. She lost Cari, whom her friends used to ask advice from. Within three months, her authentic self emerged. Cari, who gives advice and words of wisdom with so much ease but finds it difficult to apply to herself; Cari, who is lenient to others' failures but beats herself up for the same thing;
Fortunately, she's finally realized what she's turning out to be. She's sad about how she makes her life miserable by trying to live someone's life. So Cari went after the root of her distress—using the lives of others as her blueprint for how she should live her own life—and she tore it down. With all the acceptance about her real situation, patience, drive for self-growth, and self-compassion... Cari stopped comparing herself to others.
She said, "I'm still young. I have plenty of time that I don't want to waste by not living my life the way I want to. I will never chase someone's journey, for I will never catch up to its pace. But if I compare my yesterday self to who I am today, my future self would be happy with my growth day by day. However, I can only oversee my own progress if I have self-compassion, and the first step in self-compassion is to stop comparing yourself to others."
Just like Cari, I know that we have been in situations where we compared ourselves to others. The reason might vary for each of us, but I'm sure that we've been there, and sometimes we still are. Regardless, I hope that every time we find ourselves in such a situation, we remember not to beat ourselves for things that others have but we don't. I hope we will remember that we will never be able to catch up if we use other people's lives as our blueprint. We can only catch up if we compare our present selves to who we were yesterday.
It's awfully sad to not live your life the way you want to. You only live once, so live it your way. No one can tell you 'you can only reach up to this point' because you can show them your limitless limitations. Remember, self-resilient people are those who have self-compassion. They give themselves time to learn from mistakes, to improve and grow amidst challenges, and to live the process. Most importantly, they only take lessons from others' lives, not copying the way others designed their own lives, because they design their own.
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